Is Kortni Gilson Still on Floribama Shore After She Leaves Again?

Kortni Gilson, Floribama Shore

Getty Kortni Gilson left MTV's "Floribama Shore" once again after suffering a mental breakdown during last week's episode. So is the reality star gone permanently? Here's what we know.

Kortni Gilson, star of the hit MTV series Floribama Shorewas noticeably absent for much of Season 3 after the reality star was forced to leave the house due to a medical emergency. Gilson recently returned to the series and was featured in a few January episodes of the show, before once again taking a leave of absence from the beach house.

So what’s going on with Gilson today? Will she be returning to Floribama Shore before Season 3 wraps up, or is she taking an extended hiatus from the show? It’s unclear at this time if the reality star will return this season, or if she will be featured on Season 4. Here’s what we know about Gilson’s absence:

Gilson Left Again to ‘Get Some Help’ After Suffering a Serious Panic Attack During a Recent Episode

Gilson, who left the house earlier this season to have her tonsils removed, recently returned to the show, only to leave again shortly after. According to MTV, the reality star departed Floribama Shore in order to “get some help” due to her high anxiety and issues with panic attacks.

During a January 30 episode of the show, Gilson went out partying with a few of her fellow castmates, only to end up having a breakdown in the taxi afterward (check out the clip above). Although she was surrounded by friends who attempted to comfort her, the reality star realized she needed to be alone, and the next day, Gilson ended up leaving the house once again to seek out help.

In a clip from last week’s episode, Gilson says her “anxiety has never been this high.” She tearfully explains to Kirk and Codi that whatever happened in the taxi the night before set her off. “Whenever, like, you guys were arguing, I feel like that triggered something, and I don’t know what brought it up but now like my body is freaking out.”

The reality star confessed to the cameras that she had been dealing with a lot since the last time she’d appeared on the show. Not only was she missing her boyfriend, who was overseas at the time of filming, she was still worried that her ex-boyfriend Logan Fairbanks was going to track her down at the house and harm her, according to MTV.

Gilson Was Sexually Assaulted When She Was 16

Gilson also talked about being sexually assaulted during the January 30 episode, after the network ran an interview Gilson had with Dr. Drew Pinsky. The reality star opened up about the sexual assault she suffered when she was just 16-years-old, and the effort it took for Gilson to keep the assault a secret for so many years.

“I thought I had been rock bottom before, but that was an all-time low,” she reveals in the video above. “After the cameras were off, I was talking about sexual assault that happened to me and how I wasn’t okay.”

Gilson continued, “They were the guys I knew, that’s why I felt stupid to feel that I trusted somebody.” Gilson who was dating somebody at the time of the assault, said her boyfriend called her a “hoe” and a “slut” following the incident. You can watch the full clip above.

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It’s unclear at this time if Gilson will return to the MTV reality show in the future. She has not publicly announced a return to the series just yet, nor has she confirmed that she has officially left the show, so we have no reason to believe that she is gone permanently just yet. She made it clear that she is taking some time to focus on herself while she attempts to heal, so she may be gone for an extended period of time.

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