Llama on ‘The Masked Singer’: Top Clues & Guesses

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A new season of The Masked Singer is finally here, and fans can’t wait to find out who’s hiding under the llama costume.

The llama is one creature that has totally stumped audiences so far. That being said, it’s still very early in the game, so more guesses are bound to arise.

One thing we know for sure? This season is going to be tricky to figure out. In a recent interview with Variety, showrunner and executive producer Izzie Pick Ibarra said of the new cast, “We have a wish list,” Ibarra explains of the casting process. “We do our research for who might be interesting for the show, so the way we cast is mixture of things that we look for — we look for people who have amazing stories that can drive that person’s narrative throughout their singing on the show, and then there are people who are very much in the zeitgeist.”

Top Clues for the Llama

Some think that the llama’s costume will give away some hints about his identity. For his costume, the llama is holding a camera, suggesting he is a traveler or a photographer, or artist, of some sorts.

The intro video played during the premiere suggests the llama could be a radio personality or DJ. At one point in time, the video cuts to a sign showing the radio station 23.3 ‘The Wool’.

The llama says he’s “here to have a laugh and what’s funnier than a llama?”

There’s also a deck of cards in his clues video– a Jack, for one, showing that he’s a joker. The second card is an Ace.

Another clue? The llama “wears digs” like the llama outfit in real life. He’s clearly one confident dude.

Top Guesses for the Llama

Howard Stern was one of the judge’s guesses, though a number of the judge’s refuted this option.

Nicole Scherzinger suggested it could be David Spade. (She hinted at the fact that there was Ace of Spades in the clues video.) Spade also played the llama in the Disney film The Emperor’s New Groove.

Robin Thicke, meanwhile, was wondering if it could be Joe McHale, who’s appeared on the show in the past as a guest judge. That would be a good twist by producers, after all.

On Sunday night, Twitter exploded with a number of guesses about who the llama could be. Reporter Alex Peterson thought it could be Ryan Seacrest, who was a radio DJ before kicking off his TV career. Also, the llama said, “Llama out” and Seacrest would sign off American Idol by saying, “Seacrest out.”

Good Housekeeping, meanwhile, thinks the llama could be Drew Carey. After all, it would explain the Seattle clue– Drew Carey has been a co-owner of the Seattle Sounders since 2007.  And Carey often photographs the US National Soccer Team under a pseudonym, which would explain the llama’s camera.

For now, we’ll have to sit back and wait for the unveiling of the llama.

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