‘Locke and Key’: Season 2 Spoilers & Netflix Renewal Updates

Netflix LOCKE & KEY

Is Locke and Key renewed for Season 2? When does it return? At this time, Netflix hasn’t officially renewed the series but signs are looking good. Here’s what we know so far about Season 2 of Locke and Key, along with a few very minor spoilers about issues that might be tackled.

This article has spoilers through the Season 1 finale of Locke and Key, along with potential minor spoilers for Season 2. 

1. ‘Locke & Key’ Has Not Been Renewed Yet, But Signs Are Looking Good

NetflixLOCKE & KEY

Locke and Key has not yet been renewed for a second season. But this isn’t unusual for Netflix. The streaming service tends to wait and not immediately announce renewals right after a show premieres. Showrunner Carlton Cuse has said that Netflix hasn’t renewed the show yet because they tend to wait on renewals “until they have 30 days of data on the show,” Newsweek reported. This means we might not hear about whether or not the show is renewed until early-to-mid March at the earliest.

There were rumors based on a Production Weekly report that Netflix might have quietly renewed the show, SpoilerTV posted, but that’s not confirmed by any official sources.

2. A Writers Room Is Already Set Up for Season 2

NetflixLOCKE & KEY

Carlton Cuse has said that they’re already writing Season 2, so that’s a good sign. Cuse said: “We’re optimistic and hopeful that we’re gonna get a chance to make season 2. We very much know what it is because Meredith and I are in the middle of overseeing the writers’ room and we’re working on that right now,” Newsweek reported.

3. We’ll Likely Learn More About Ellie in Season 2

NetflixLOCKE & KEY

In an interview with showrunner Carlton Cuse, EW asked a few questions about the show. Cuse revealed that we’ll learn more about Ellie’s storyline in Season 2. Cuse said: “There is more to come on that whole story line. It’s not fully resolved… we’re definitely conscious of the reaction people will probably have to the end of the first season, and will want to know more about what happened there.”

Cuse told EW: “Right now it feels like, our goal is nothing less than making season 2 even better than season 1. I think that’s an achievable goal.”

4. Some Mythology Questions from the Comics Were Saved for Season 2

NetflixLOCKE & KEY

Cuse told Collider that they held back on some mythology so they could save it for the second season. “There are still some cool revelations in Season 2, but we wanted to give the audience a good dose of answers in Season 1.” Meredith Averill, also an executive producer with the show, told Collider that there was still quite a bit from the comics that could be added for Season 2.

There’s also the question of certain characters like Tyler, who will be adults soon. Will he forget the magic or will they learn the secret Ellie had about how to keep their memories as adults?

Robert Scott, who plays Bode, actually filmed the pilot for Hulu too. When he filmed for Hulu, he was nine, Decider reported. For Netflix, he was 10 and now he’s 11. So he’ll be aging a lot by the time Season 2 is out, more than likely.

Connor Jessup, who plays Tyler, told Decider: “I think it would be fun to explore what it means for him and what it means for his relationships to fall over into [being an] adult, and explore the repercussions.”

5. The History of ‘Locke and Key’

NetflixLOCKE & KEY

Locke and Key was originally supposed to be on Fox, and then Hulu, before finally residing on Netflix.

It was supposed to premiere on Fox in 2010-2011 with Josh Friedman writing and Alex Kurtzman and Bob Orci as executive producers. The cast was also going to be different and include Mark Pellegrino and Nick Stahl. A pilot was filmed but it wasn’t given a series order. The pilot was screened at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con, but the series was ultimately called off.

In 2014, Universal Pictures planned to produce a feature film trilogy.

Then in April 2017, Hulu announced that it had a pilot order for the series with Carlton Cuse and Joe Hill developing. By March 2018, Hulu had passed on the pilot and did not order a series. Then negotiations began with Netflix, with the Hulu pilot being discarded.

Cuse said that with the Hulu version, the series started with the dad’s murder, but Cuse felt that was “overweighted,” ScreenRant reported. The Netflix version, instead, was more of a coming-of-age story that shared the murder through flashbacks. Hulu’s show emphasized adult characters more, but Netflix leaned into the kids since they’re the ones who experience the magic. So Hulu was more horror focused, while Netflix was more fantasy focused.

For Hulu, they had been given a green light and had a writers room that created six to seven scripts, along with sets, by the time the show was canceled, Deadline reported.

For the Hulu version, Frances O’Connor was playing the mom. Also involved were Nate Corddry (Duncan Locke) (who went on to play Larry Wilson on For All Mankind and Det. Art Spencer on Mindhunter), Danny Glover (Joe Ridgeway), Megan Charpentier (Kinsey Locke), Jack Mulhern (Tyler Locke) (who went on to play Grizz on The Society), Owen Teague (Sam Lesser) (who’s playing Harlod Lauder on The Stand TV series), and Jackson Scott (Bode Locke.) It seems only Jackson returned for the Netflix version.

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