Are Madison Prewett & Hannah Ann Sluss the Final 2 on ‘The Bachelor’?

Instagram Madison Prewett and Hannah Ann Sluss

Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor is nearing its end. The show’s finale will air in March, and though the bachelor himself has said that the ending is unspoilable, we know who the final two contestants in his season are.

WARNING: Spoilers for the 2020 Season of The Bachelor follow. 

Reality Steve revealed early on in the season that the final three going to Australia for the final few episodes would be Victoria Fuller, Madison Prewett and Hannah Ann Sluss. Through a series of Instagram posts, the account showed an episode-by-episode breakdown of when women would be sent home.

The final two contestants for the season are Madison and Hannah Ann. We do not know who won the season or if it is even one of these two contestants. It’s possible that something comes completely out of left field since promotions for the finale have called this ending like “nothing we’ve seen before.”

Weber Breaks it off With Fuller

ABCPeter Weber and Victoria Fuller

According to the Reality Steve podcast, Weber never actually got to meet Fuller’s parents. Fuller has been a controversial contestant so far. You can read about all her controversies here.

During Fuller’s hometown date, she and the bachelor attend a concert. Afterward, Peter was approached by his ex-girlfriend Merissa Pence, who warns him about Fuller’s past and reputation. At some point between the kissing-heavy concert and being dropped off, Weber and Fuller break it off.

“You see in the season preview a clip of Victoria walking in the streets with a white jacket on telling the camera to get out of her face. Pretty sure this is right after her and Peter break up on her street before meeting her parents,” he said. She does patch it up with Peter the next day, however, and she makes it through to overnights.

Reality Steve said that Fuller is eliminated after overnights and is not a part of anything afterward. She did have to stick around in Australia until filming wrapped up, but she was apparently not a factor in the final rose ceremony.

Fans Believe They Know Who the Winner Is

ABCHannah Ann Sluss and Peter Weber

There have been more than a couple theories making their way around social media for Weber’s season. The debunked rumors include a contestant becoming pregnant and announcing it before the final rose ceremony and Weber ending up with a producer instead of anyone on the cast.

The most recent fan theory states that Hannah Ann Sluss is the winner of the season and that it’s proven because Weber and Sluss both have private accounts on Venmo, where they are friends.

One tweet about the theory says “One of them (Hannah Ann) still has their Venmo private and the other (Madison, the next bachelorette) doesn’t. Why is this still a question.”

Host Chris Harrison appeared on Good Morning America before the first episode of the season premiered to say the season is “unlike any other” and no one would know how it turned out until the end.

“It’s possible it’s still not over,” Harrison added at the time.

Tune in to The Bachelor on Mondays at 8 p.m. on ABC to watch how Peter Weber’s season progresses and to find out who he chooses in the end.

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