Does Madison Prewett Quit ‘The Bachelor’ & Dump Peter Weber?

The Bachelor Madison Prewett


On season 24 of The Bachelor, Madison Prewett has managed to largely stay above the fray. She hasn’t been involved in much drama this season and seems very well-liked by her fellow contestants.

However, with the Fantasy Suite dates looming, Madison feels the weight of telling Peter that she is a virgin who is saving herself for marriage. Plus, we’ve seen in previews that she says she isn’t sure she can continue on her journey with him if she knows he’s been intimate with the other women in the final three, Victoria Fuller and Hannah Ann Sluss.

There are rumors that Madison’s time on the show comes to a very dramatic end when it does come, so read on to find out what might happen, but be warned of spoilers.

SPOILER ALERT: Do not keep reading if you don’t want to be spoiled for the final few episodes of The Bachelor season 24.

Rumor is That Madison Quits

PeterTells Madison He's Been "Intimate" With Other Women – The Bachelor 2020The Bachelor Peter Weber Season 24 Episode 9 (Fantasy Overnight Dates)2020-02-24T15:09:29.000Z

Reality Steve, the guy whose Bachelor spoilers have become a thing of legend, is saying that Madison will indeed quit the show and leave Peter before the finale. It probably has to do with the fact that she told him she would have trouble continuing on the show if he slept with Hannah Ann and/or Victoria, and then he tells her in the above preview clip that he was intimate with the other women.

Now, Reality Steve doesn’t know exactly at what point Madison quits. She definitely doesn’t quit during the final three and leave Hannah Ann and VIctoria as the final two. Reality Steve says it seems like it happens between the overnight dates and when Peter talks to his mom in that infamous clip where she says, “Don’t let her go.”

Now, that may just be some wily editing on the part of the show, but as it stands, the producers are definitely making it seem like Madison quits and then Peter’s mom asks him to go get her.

That would make a lot of sense because if Madison is gone for good, there is no dramatic tension in the finale, so maybe at his mom’s urging, Peter goes to get Madison after she quits. However…

Does Peter Go Get Madison Only to Then Reject Her?

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Here’s the problem with Peter maybe chasing after Madison. Signs are pointing to Hannah Ann as the winner of the season. So if Madison quits and Peter already knows the winner is Hannah Ann, why would he go get Madison? He brings her back just to dump her? That just feels cruel.

Of course, that makes for the best drama, so maybe the producers kind of forced that ending upon him.

Either way, Reality Steve has said there’s one aspect of the finale he can say for sure is true — the flash-forward we’ve seen where Chris Harrison tells Peter something that he thinks he needs to know before making his final decision is not about Madison quitting. So at that point, Madison is either already gone or she has gone and come back.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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