Mark Barnett & Amber Pike: Are They Still Married in 2020?

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Amber Pike Instagram Are Amber Pike and Mark Barnett still together? Here's what's known.

Where are Mark Barnett and Amber Pike now? Are the Love is Blind stars still together, a year after filming? Are they still married today?

These are the questions fans are asking after the finales of the hit reality series aired on Netflix, revealing that Pike and Barnett did, in fact, marry one another.

Yes, Barnett and Pike are still together. They confirmed as much to Entertainment Tonight in an interview following the finale. In that interview, Pike also showed off her new blonde hairdo.

Here’s what you need to know:

Barnett & Pike Talk About the Experience, Share Details of Their New Lives

'Love Is Blind': Amber Talks Jessica's SHADY Crush on Barnett (Exclusive)ET spoke with Amber and Barnett of 'Love Is Blind' ahead of the final episode, dropping Feb. 27.2020-02-27T11:00:04.000Z

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Pike revealed, “I actually forgot the show was coming out, it’s been so long. It’s not an easy thing to keep such a big, big secret.”

When asked how they felt about how they were portrayed on the show, Pike said, “Because it was just a few episodes, it was really hard to cut it down…it was a very limited perspective.”

Barnett added, “We’re both very jokey, we love having fun, and a lot of that got missed.” Pike jumped in, “They’re such short episodes, ot’s hard to see the serious conversations we had.”

“If I would go back,” Barnett said, “I’d wish they showed a lot more of our pod time. The one thing that they missed…is showing why we had the connections we had.”

Pike also revealed that there were parts of the show she and her husband didn’t like to re-watch, because how “ill-perceived” she believed a special moment might be. “They’re [sometimes] seeing things in the wrong way,” she said. She went on to clarify the “finance” miscommunication, saying, “I think that people absolutely got the wrong idea…as far as the debt that I had the time, Matt also had debt from student loans, credit card debt, etc.”

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Pike explained that she’d stopped paying her loans after having an abortion and falling into a depression. “You know, my mental health was more of a priority for me. I was slowly building my life back together when I got the opportunity to be back on the show.”

“The stay-at-home mom thing is a goal, not an expectation,” she said.

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