[WATCH]: Martha Stewart Made A Cameo In Snoop Dogg’s ‘Hot’ On Ellen

Martha Stewart Snoop Dogg


Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart played guest hosts on the Ellen DeGeneres Show today.

There were also a bunch of celebrity guests and Green Day made an appearance to promote their new album, “Father of All.”

Ice Cube showed up. Snooki was there to reveal she won’t be back to the Jersey Shore, joining the cast of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. Ice Cube talked about his and Snoop’s relationship with Kobe Bryant. Then Green Day cooked with Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart.

What is the connection between Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart? Here’s what we know about Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart’s relationship:

The Pair Have A Show Called Martha and Snoop’s Pot Luck Party Challenge

Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg are together in the kitchen on their Emmy-nominated cooking show. Joined by celebrity teammates and judges, the hosts battle it out for the Potluck Party Platter prize in themed culinary challenges, including 4/20 munchies chowdown, a Father’s Day feast and a Friendsgiving competition.

Dinner guests are interesting and carefully curated to contribute to the eclectic essence of VH1’s show. Dinner guests include Matthew McConaughey, Tiffany Haddish, Octavia Spencer and Jimmy Kimmel. The two cook fried chicken, make weed jokes and drink lots of champagne.

On Ellen, they showed a clip of Stewart reading the contents of shampoo in a sexy voice to guests. She licked a guest’s ear at the dinner table and the crowd totally lost it. Stewart said she was embarrassed by the video.

They were on Ellen today to promote their show, drink cocktails with Greenway and banter with tWitch, instructing him to make a pie with the baking supplies that were on the table with which Stewart had replaced his fake DJ booth.

Martha Stewart Made A Cameo in Snoop Dogg’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot”

Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party | Official Super Trailer | Premieres November 7th + 10/9CYou are cordially invited to Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party! Tune in and turn up with celebrity guests on November 7th at 10/9C, only on VH1. Subscribe to VH1: on.vh1.com/subscribe Shows + Pop Culture + Music + Celebrity. VH1: We complete you. Connect with VH1 Online VH1 Official Site: vh1.com Follow @VH1 on Twitter:…2016-11-01T10:00:30.000Z

Ellen loves her games and Snoop and Stewart played a game where they tried to determine if the phrases on the monitor were strains of marijuana or if they were breeds of dogs. The words that were shown were neither weed nor dogs. The rules were unclear. tWitch also joined the game. tWitch got three out of four answers correct. Snoop and Martha both got three answers right.

Then Snoop and Stewart presented their newest project, which was a new release of Snoop’s “Drop It Like It’s Hot” featuring Stewart. She was twerking with a rolling pin and shooting paper money into the air, out of an air-pressured gun. She was wearing skinny jeans, nude pumps and a cardigan while she showed off a huge chain necklace.

The video was shot in black and white and Stewart appeared to have been trained how to dance by a professional choreographer, given her flexibility and competence dropping it next to a black Bentley on what looked to be a slippery set floor. The pair did not disclose if they were teaming up on the re-release of Snoop’s music video compendium to feature Stewart as the video girl.

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