Are Mattie Breaux and Jeremiah Buoni on Floribama Shore Still Dating?

Mattie Breaux, Jeremiah Buoni, Floribama Shore

Instagram Mattie Breaux and Jeremiah Buoni took their relationship to the next level during a recent episode of the show. So are the two still together today? Here's what we know.

It’s unclear at this time if Floribama Shore‘s Mattie Breaux and Jeremiah Buoni are still together today, but the two took their relationship to the next level during a recent January episode of the show. Although the reality stars clearly have a strong connection, Breaux told Hollywood Life that fans will just have to keep watching to see how their relationship unfolds.

Breaux noted that she and Buoni had a “fun summer” together, and teased that there is more to come if fans keep tuning in. Here’s what you need to know about Breaux and Buoni’s relationship:

Breaux Wasn’t Planning on Dating Anybody on the Show

The reality star, who took Kortni Gilson‘s place on the show after Gilson temporarily left to have her tonsils removed, told Hollywood Life that she had no intentions of dating anybody once she joined the cast. She said she didn’t expect to have chemistry with anyone in the beach house, but she and Buoni hit it off quickly.

“I had no intentions of going into this house and having chemistry with anyone,” she told the publication. “But with Jeremiah…we were both into fitness, and I really liked that aspect of him.”

Breaux added that their relationship grew stronger after she refused to take sides during Buoni and Gus Smyrnios’ fight. “Jeremiah and I grew a lot closer because of everything going on with Gus,” Breaux explained. “I really liked that he was able to be so open with me and comfortable telling me about his feelings. So many guys from the south are so hardcore, and they won’t open up like that. I felt very comfortable talking with him. He really intrigued me. So, he’s not normally the type I would go for, but there was definitely chemistry.”

Breaux & Buoni Took Their Relationship to the Next Level During a January Episode of the Show

Breaux and Buoni took their relationship to the next level during a January episode that involved a particularly rowdy 4th of July party at the beach house. In the clip above, the two lovebirds can be seen canoodling in the pool after Breaux takes a few body shots off Buoni. Breaux, who looks excited during a confessional, tells the cameras “here we go,” as Buoni lifts her out of the pool and the two sneak off together.

Although Smyrnios was reluctant for Breaux and Buoni to date, Breaux told Hollywood Life that it was her life and her decision, and although she appreciated his concern, she was going to do what she wanted either way. She asked a few other people in the house what they thought about Buoni, and ultimately decided to “let him in.”

“I’m always up for opinions, but I’m also a grown ass woman,” she said. “I was open to hearing everyone out, but I’ve seen it all, so I just kind of do my own thing. I do take caution, though. Gus was like…this is how how he is and this is what he puts on, but let me tell you some stories. So I heard him out. I spoke with Aimee, Nilsa and Codi. I kept that all in the back of my mind, but I also just wanted to be open to new things. I don’t really date or do anything like that because I don’t usually allow people in. So I’m like…I’m just going to let him in.”

It’s unclear at this time if the two are still together today, or if they decided to keep things casual. Neither Floribama star features any photos of the other on their respective Instagram pages (aside from a few promos of the show), but it’s not uncommon for reality TV stars to keep their relationship a secret until the season wraps up, due to contractual obligations to the network. Fans will just have to take Breaux’s advice and keep watching to find out what happens between the two.

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