WATCH: New York Life’s Super Bowl 2020 Commercial


New York Life’s Super Bowl 2020 commercial takes a more serious tone than many of the other ads airing this year, and focuses heavily on love in all its different forms. The commercial, titled “Agape,” explores the different types of love as documented in the ancient Greek language, and highlights the importance of Agape, or “love as an action,” according to New York Life.

Agape, which New York Life expresses as the most profound, admirable type of love, involves “courage, sacrifice and strength,” according to the insurance company. Check out the Super Bowl ad below:

The New York Life Ad Encourages People to ‘Be Good at Life’

Love Takes Action | :60 Commercial | New York Life InsuranceThe Ancient Greeks had four words for love. The most admirable is called agápē. Love as an action. For 175 years, we’ve been helping people act on their love.ápē #LoveTakesAction #GoodAtLife2020-01-28T08:55:41.000Z

The 60-second New York Life ad, which encourages viewers to “be good at life,” was created by Anomaly and directed by Cole Webley of Sanctuary Content, according to Ad Age. The commercial will air between the first and second quarters of the game.

“The ancient Greeks had four words for love,” the narrator explains in the clip above. “The first is ‘Philia’ Philia is affection that grows from friendship. Next, there’s ‘Storge’ – the kind you have for a grandparent or a brother. The third is ‘Eros,’ the uncontrollable urge to say ‘I love you.’

“The fourth kind of love is different. It’s the most admirable. It’s called ‘Agape’ – love as an action,” the ad continues. “It takes courage. Sacrifice. Strength.”

The insurance company finishes the ad with one last message about love, adding, “For 175 years, we’ve been helping people act on their love, so they can look back, or look ahead, and say – ‘we got it right.'”

The Commercial Highlights the Actions People Take to Protect Their Loved Ones

The commercial, which is narrated by actress Tessa Thompson, highlights the actions and steps everyday people take to protect themselves and their loved ones throughout their daily lives. The Super Bowl spot will launch the company’s “Love Takes Action” campaign, a celebration of the company’s first 175 years.

“The creative aims to remind Americans that they have the power to act on their love, whether through considerable hardships or the smallest and most personal gestures,” Kari Axberg, VP of brand marketing, New York Life said, according to Ad Age. “Fortitude is required to build better futures for loved ones, and we want to celebrate love taking action with our policy owners, future customers, agents and employees.”

The insurance company posted the ad on Twitter, writing, “The Ancient Greeks had four words for love. The most admirable is called agápē. Love as an action. For 175 years, we’ve been helping people act on their love.” The post added the hashtag #LoveTakesAction, which we expect to see trending during the Super Bowl on Sunday.

If New York Life airs a different version of the clip during Super Bowl LIV, Heavy will update this post with the commercial promo once it is live and available. In the meantime, enjoy the clips above, and check out this this author’s profile for all of your TV coverage and Super Bowl entertainment news!

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