Nilsa Prowant’s Boyfriend Is Named Gus But He’s Not Gus Smyrnios

Nilsa Prowant, Floribama Shore

Instagram Nilsa Prowant, star of MTV's "Floribama Shore," is dating a man named Gus, but it isn't Gus Smyrnios, her Floribama castmate and former flame. Here's what we know about the "new" Gus.

Nilsa Prowant, star of the hit reality series Floribama Shoreis dating a man named Gus, but it isn’t Gus Smyrnios, her Floribama castmate and former flame. The reality star has posted several sweet photos with her new beau on Instagram over the last few months, and from the looks (and captions) of the photos, the two are going strong today, and Smyrnios is officially old news.

Nilsa’s new Gus, who goes by the Instagram handle @gusstache, has nothing but photos of his reality girlfriend on his Instagram page. It’s clear Nilsa’s new boyfriend is head-over-heels for his lady love, although we don’t know much else about him. Here’s what we’ve gathered of their relationship from social media:

Nilsa’s Earliest Picture of Gus Dates November 20, 2019

The earliest picture we can find on Nilsa’s Instagram page that features her hunky new boyfriend is dated November 20, 2019. The photo‘s caption reads, “No ones ever gunna love you more than, God, your mama, and me,” followed by a red heart emoji.

It’s clear from the caption that the two are already quite smitten with each other, especially if the reality star is throwing out some Florida Georgia Line lyrics about love, but it’s still unclear today when they actually started dating. The November photo is just the earliest picture we could find of the two together on her page. She also frequently adds “Gilsa” at the end of her Instagram posts, which is the same nickname fans gave her relationship with Smyrnios during earlier seasons of the show; however, it looks like this new “Gilsa” is more serious than the fling she had with her co-star.

Nilsa also posted an emotional tribute to the new Gus just a few short weeks ago on January 22, so the two are definitely still together. The photo, which can be viewed above, reads, “My love sets me up for success every single day. He’s so patient, he never complains, and is constantly rooting for me to win. This is what love is, it’s staying up until 2:00 am packing orders together for my business so we both can live comfortably, it’s a surprise date night in with champagne and a thrown together homemade meat & cheese plate, it’s making sure we make time for one another’s families, it’s seeking God’s love together. You make me a better person Gus. You are my soul mate. If I had to choose between you and a stuffed crust pepperoni pizza with extra cheese….I would choose you.”

Gus’ Instagram Page is Filled With Photos of Nilsa

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*insert caption here*

A post shared by Gus (@gusstache) on Dec 17, 2019 at 9:14am PST

Gus’ Instagram page features nothing but pictures of Nilsa, including photos of the two celebrating Christmas together, posing together in mirror selfies, taking silly pictures in the reflection of kitchen appliances, and out at the golf course together.

It also appears that Gus might be from outside of the U.S., or had at least been living abroad for some time, as the caption on a Christmas photo of he and Nilsa notes that it was his first Christmas in the U.S. in several years. The caption reads, “It’s my first Christmas in the states in 4 years, and I’m beyond blessed to be spending it with my girl. Hope everyone’s holiday season is kicking ass so far. Merry Christmas to all of y’all!”

There is little else known about Nilsa’s new beau at this time, but Heavy will update this post as soon as we learn more about Gus, their relationship, and how the two first met and fell in love.

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