Olive Garden Offers Valentine’s Day ToGo & Breadstick Bouquets

Olive Garden

Olive Garden

Happy Valentine’s Day 2020! This year when you’re thinking about where you want to go, you might be more interested in taking your food home. Whether it’s because you’re wanting to avoid the crowds, have a romantic dinner just for two at home, or just feel like avoiding germs today, there are lots of options for great to-go meals. Olive Garden has a Valentine’s ToGo special that you might want to keep in mind.

The Dinner for Two Sounds Delicious

The Dinner for Two is pretty much the perfect Valentine’s dinner. Prices vary and it’s a limited time offer with no substitutions. It includes a soup or salad and breadsticks. Then you choose a dipping sauce of either five cheese marinara or Alfredo. Then choose a shareable entree for two. That can be either Five Cheese Ziti Al Forno (“a baked blend of Italian cheeses, pasta and our signature five cheese marinara”) or upgrade to Chicken Alfredo (“sliced grilled chicken and our signature, homemade alfredo sauce over fettuccine pasta.”) Then choose between either a Black Tie Mousse Cake (“chocolate cake, dark chocolate cheesecake and creamy custard with icing”) or Tiramisu (“creamy custard and sweet cocoa over espresso-soaked ladyfingers.”)

The 2 ToGo dinner starts at $35. This sounds like a delicious deal and a great way to have an amazing dinner at home without having to deal with the Valentine’s crowds and long waits.

The Restuarant Is Also Offering Breadstick Bouquets to Customers Instead of Flowers

If you visit Olive Garden today, you can also enjoy a Breadstick Bouquet instead of flowers. Olive Garden writes: “When it comes to love, breadsticks are always the answer.”

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On Instagram, someone asked how to get the breadstick bouquet. Olive Garden wrote back: “You can pick your breadstick bouquet on our website! ?https://www.olivegarden.com/specials/valentines-day-dinner.”

To get the breadstick bouquet, you need to visit Olive Garden’s website and download the PDF design here. Print the design of your preference, cut it out, tape it together, and then order and pick up breadsticks from Olive Garden. Put them in the bouquet that you printed and then surprise your loved one with a breadstick bouquet.  So basically, it just takes a little planning ahead to print out the bouquet. Try taping it together in the car before you head off to pick up Olive Garden, and then surprise your loved one by putting the bread in your bouquet and showing up with a breadstick bouquet in hand.

A lot of people on social media are talking about wanting a breadstick bouquet. Apparently it was a big hit last year.

It would definitely be a surprise and different from the normal Valentine’s gifts that you hear about. And if your significant other loves food, they’ll love the gift. So why not take the time to put together a breadstick bouquet this year and surprise that special someone in your life. It’s a fun idea and could definitely be worth the time.

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