Missy Elliott & H.E.R. Appear in Pepsi Zero Sugar Ad for Super Bowl

Pepsi Zero Sugar, Super Bowl

Pepsi/YouTube The Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl 2020 ad features Missy Elliott, H.E.R. and a unique spin on an iconic Rolling Stones song. Check out the clip here.

Missy Elliot and H.E.R. collaborated on a cover of the Rolling Stones’ iconic song “Paint it Black” for the Pepsi Zero Sugar 2020 Super Bowl ad this year, and fans will not be disappointed.

Pepsi Zero Sugar debuted the 30-second teaser trailer on Wednesday, January 29, according to Billboard. The ad features both artists as they put their own sultry spin on the classic Rolling Stones song, complete with a stunning, innovative visual. Check out the full Super Bowl ad below:

Elliott & H.E.R. Bonded on a ‘Personal Level’ While Recording the Pepsi Track

Zero Sugar. Done Right. :30 | PepsiPepsi Zero Sugar is looking better than ever, and we’re reintroducing it to the world with a new take on an iconic track featuring Missy Elliott and H.E.R. Since Pepsi Zero Sugar packs the same refreshing taste of Pepsi that people love, without any of the sugar, we needed a song just as uncompromising. So…2020-01-29T14:03:25.000Z

The Pepsi Zero Sugar ad features H.E.R. surrounded by hundreds of people donning red outfits while washed in the glow of what looks like Pepsi sunset. After taking a sip of the black Pepsi can, H.E.R. rushes through the crowd of people and smashes through a brick wall, falling onto a black stage as Elliott enters the scene with her own backup dancers, all wearing black and dancing to an upbeat rap from Elliott.

According to The Associated Press, the new track was co-produced by Elliott and longtime collaborator Timbaland with “original lyrics from both artists and guitar and vocals from H.E.R.” The duo apparently bonded on a very personal level in the recording studio while mapping out the song, Associated Press reports.

“She was telling me tour stories … I felt like I had the inside scoop. It was really cool to peek into her world,” said H.E.R. “She’s just dope musically…there’s nobody like Missy. Her vibe is what I really loved and looked up to growing up, just how different she dared to be.”

“I’ve been following H.E.R.’s career closely; her talent is undeniable,” Elliott added in a statement, according to Billboard. “When the opportunity came up, to not just work together but collaborate and create something all our own, we had to make it happen. I called up Timbaland and Sean Bankhead, I got the best of the best to make sure we brought the noise and did Pepsi Zero Sugar right.”

Both Artists Were Excited to Work With One Another & Called the Experience ‘Special’

Both artists gushed about the experience of working together, and thanked Pepsi for giving them the opportunity to do so. “When Pepsi reached out and said we want to have you on the Super Bowl commercial and the other person would be H.E.R. I was like, ‘Oh my God, this is major’” Elliott told The Associated Press. “It made me fall in love with her music. I didn’t get into what she looked like, what she said, what she had on, it was just the lyrics and the tracks and all that and I was like, `This girl is really talented.’”

H.E.R. noted that she couldn’t pass up an opportunity to work with Elliott as well, adding, “Everything about this experience — from the music, to the shoot, to the collaboration with an icon like Missy — it was really special,” she said, according to Billboard. “Pepsi gave us the creative liberty and platform to create this song and the video, it’s an honor and I think people will appreciate how real we tried to be with the final product.”

If Pepsi airs a different version of the clip during the Super Bowl, Heavy will update this post with the commercial promo once it is live. In the meantime, enjoy the clips above, and check out this this author’s profile for all of your TV coverage and Super Bowl entertainment news!