Everything You Need To Know About Peter Weber’s Stitches On ‘The Bachelor’

Peter Weber

Getty Peter Weber

The Bachelor franchise is always aiming for “the most dramatic season ever!” With Season 24 fully underway, the drama has been spilling out from every angle. And some of that drama has concerned Bachelor Peter Weber’s forehead… Specifically, the large gash and subsequent stitches he received while filming.

SPOILERS: Do not read on if you don’t want to know what happens

Here’s everything we know about Peter Weber’s stitches:

What Happened To Pilot Pete?

Peter Weber

Peter Weber

When Bachelor Peter Weber entered Episode 5 with mysterious stitches on the right side of his forehead, he jokingly told the women vying for his heart that he had a run-in with a puma while exploring a nearby volcano. However, he quickly laughed at his exaggerated tale and told the women the truth, that he had been in the process of climbing onto a golf cart while holding drinking glasses and then haphazardly bumped his head on the golf cart and clumsily smashed the glasses onto his forehead. Radar Online reported that “He went to step on the cart but fell and split his face open on two cocktail glasses he was carrying.” Thus, the Bachelor ended up with 22 stitches along the open gash in his forehead. 

A source told US Weekly that Weber was transported two hours to the nearest hospital with a qualified surgeon and that he subsequently underwent the appropriate procedure to treat his injury. Of the injury and its unique place in Bachelor Nation history, The Hollywood Reporter said, “While the reality franchise has had its share of contestants getting physical or requiring medical treatment throughout the competition, this is the first reported injury for a cycle’s lead.” Hopefully Weber is the first and last lead to be injured on the job!

When Were His Stitches Taken Out?

Cosmopolitan reported in October 2019 that Peter Weber had the 22 stitches removed from his forehead a week after the golf cart accident. His stitches were removed prior to moving international production for The Bachelor from Costa Rica to Chile. In October, ABC announced that production did not halt on behalf of Weber’s injury and that viewers can expect to see a week’s worth of The Bachelor content with visible bandages and stitches on Weber’s forehead.

The Bachelor Host Chris Harrison said about Weber’s stitches that “Peter suffered a freak accident. He got a cut on his head… he did get stitches but he’s 100 percent okay and production is already back underway. He’s still the dashing, handsome pilot we’ve all dreamed of.”

Will He Have A Scar?

Peter Weber has a faint scar on his forehead

Peter Weber has a faint scar on his forehead

Pictures of Weber published over the past month at various press events have shown a faint, skin-colored scar on his forehead. We don’t know if the scar will stick around forever, but it does seem to be healing well and we hope it continues to improve!

With the scar from his injury still visible, many fans have compared Weber to Harry Potter. Following Weber’s accident, Marie Claire reported that “Now He’s The Boy Who Lived (through cracking his face open and getting 22 stitches)!” Weber is certainly collecting nicknames, with “Pilot Pete” still the endearing fan favorite!

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