Presidents Day 2020: All the Best Memes

Presidents Day Memes


Happy Presidents Day 2020! With Presidents Day, you’ll also find a great opportunity to enjoy a lot of Internet memes. These celebrate the Presidents who have served our country and provide some lighthearted humor.

Some Memes Focus on Washington & Lincoln

Presidents Day also celebrates George Washington. Washington’s birthday, February 22, was the original Presidents Day holiday. Over time, the date was changed to be celebrated on the third Monday of every February so federal workers could have a three-day weekend. According to Fortune, this change was made in 1971 after Congress passed the “Uniform Monday Holiday Act” in 1968. Prior to that, Presidents Day had been celebrated on February 22, Washington’s actual birth date.

According to, Presidents Day became a federal holiday in 1885. Today, it’s celebrated for both Washington and Abraham Lincoln, who also has a February birthday. But it’s more popular thought of as a day to celebrate all Presidents, both past and present.

Here are some memes that focus on Washington or Lincoln.

And some more Washington memes.

Let’s not forget the Lincoln memes. This one reads: “Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet just because there’s a picture with a quote next to it.”

And this next meme has a similar theme.

Some memes make fun of the current President.

Here’s a more hopeful meme for Presidents Day.

One interesting thing about Presidents Day is how the name of the holiday can vary. Versions include Presidents Day, Washington’s Birthday, Washington’s and Lincoln’s Birthday, or even the day with an apostrophe in a different place, such as President’s Day versus Presidents’ Day.

I have no idea if this one is true, but it’s funny.

And this one is pretty funny too.

Some Memes Celebrates Sales & Days Off


Presidents Day is a federal holiday that’s also observed by many states too. So many state offices will also be closed, along with the Post Office.

ImgurMeanwhile, a lot of retail shops will have sales on Presidents Day to attract people who have the day off.


Some people joke about wanting a Presidents Day gift so quickly after Valentine’s Day.


Others just think it’s funny that we get the day off today. And others wonder why we get Presidents Day off when maybe it would be better if we got Election Day off instead. Which is a good point. Some people have a hard time taking off work to vote.


Other people still have to go to school on Presidents Day, so they’re not very excited about the whole thing.


How are you celebrating Presidents Day? Are you giving gifts? Just relaxing? Do you still have to go to work? Presidents Day can be a nice day off for some people, while it’s a little confusing for others. What are you doing to honor the holiday today?

If you have the day off from work or school today, here’s hoping that you enjoy your day and have a happy, restful, and relaxing Presidents Day 2020.

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