Rachel’s Ex Returns on Teen Mom Young and Pregnant

Teen Mom: Young Pregnant

YouTube Rachel Beaver on Teen Mom: Young Pregnant

On Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant, Rachel Beaver’s ex returns.

Rachel has a daughter named Hazelee, and recently became pregnant again six months after giving birth to Hazelee. She discovers she’s pregnant in her mother’s home while her mother is smoking on the deck outside. Rachel’s mother begins to cry at the news, saying if she knew that Rachel [was having sex] she’d have put her on contraceptives.

Rachel, a 16 year old girl from Tennessee, was in a relationship with her ex-boyfriend Drew and his best friend Jacob. Rachel thought that Drew was the father of Hazelee.

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Rachel and Jacob continued having a relationship after she broke up with Drew, and the couple talked about having another baby. The pair broke up this past January and Rachel found out she was pregnant again in a recent episode. “I’m literally going to cry,” Rachel said. She debates terminating the pregnancy but ultimately decides to have the child.

Rachel also has a new boyfriend named Kody, whom she met close to the time the last episode was filmed. When she discovered she was pregnant, she called Kody, asking him what she was supposed to do. He said, “I don’t want you to… kill it, obviously.” Rachel’s mother says, of a potential abortion, “you’d regret it for the rest of your life.”

Mirror continues that the Tennessee native has had a series of incidents in which people on social media began to comment on the cleanliness of the baby’s surroundings. Also, Rachel’s 20 year old sister was charged with assault when she grabbed her grandmother while she was intoxicated.

This week, ex-boyfriend Drew returns to Rachel’s life. It’s hard to say where Rachel’s life will go from here.

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