Saucony Debuts Biodegradable Shoe Plans in Super Bowl 2020 Ad

Saucony Super Bowl Ad


A bunch of discarded shoes vanish into thin air in Saucony’s ad for its biodegradable shoe.

Here’s Saucony’s biodegradable shoe commercial for Super Bowl 2020:

Saucony Super Bowl Commercial 2020 – One Small StepToo many shoes end up in landfills for too long. We’re not good with that. That’s why at Saucony, we’re developing a biodegradable shoe with two goals in mind. To experiment with sustainable materials that don’t come from oil. And to learn how to make shoes that will break down faster at the end of…2020-01-29T14:14:21.000Z

Saucony teases its initiative to reduce their footprint “for good” with its biodegradable shoe. They show watercolored sneakers floating off and away from the face of earth, making the viewer think about all the trash in the ocean vanishing. If Saucony can do this, fashion joggers can run a mile without worrying about their footprint.

The Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers face off in Super Bowl LIV as advertisers vie for a share of the nearly 100 million viewers who are estimated to be watching the game according to International Business Times.

Advertisers recruited top talent to promote their brands in Super Bowl LIV commercials that cost $5 million TO $5.6 million for a 30 second spot, says USA Today.

In the days leading up to the Super Bowl, advertisers released their ads or teased out trailers to stoke the hype they hope to generate for their brands, says AV Club.

The worst game in recent Super Bowl history was 2019’s New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams, scoring a record-low 16 points. Last year’s Super Bowl saw 98.19 million TV viewers and a 41.1 rating, according to Sports Media Watch, marking the game’s lowest viewership in 11 years.

The greatest Super Bowl of all time was 2015’s game. The Patriots recovered from a 10-point lag in the fourth quarter, beating the Seattle Seahawks 28-24. That record-setting year had 114.4 million viewers watching the game on TV.

Advertisers spent $158.4 million in 2005. The number grew to $336 million in 2019. Including pre- and post-game ads, brands spent $412 million in 2019, says Forbes.

CBS generated $336 million in ad volume in 2019. ABC generated $288 million in ad sales for the six-game NBA finals in 2019. Fox brought in $191 million in ad sales for the 2019 World Series, says Reuters.

There were 91 Super Bowl ads in 2019, their cumulative length throughout the program was 49 minutes and 31 seconds. In 2019, 51% of ads were 30 seconds long and 28% were 60 seconds long.

Fox sold all available Super Bowl ad space by November 25. Since then, Fox added more space to sell due to the demand, Forbes continues.

Anheuser-Busch InBev, Amazon, Alphabet, Deutsche Telecom and Toyota were the biggest advertisers for Super Bowl 2019. Critical acclaim went to Microsoft, for its ad that showed disabled children playing video games and to Verizon, for its advertisement with first responders. Seven brands were advertised for the first time in 2019, says Reuters.

Sabra hummus; Kellogg’s Pop-Tarts; Little Caesar’s pizza; Hard Rock International; Walmart; Bud Light Seltzer and a 60 second ad from Facebook are new to the pool of Super Bowl advertisers in 2020. Donald Trump and Michael Bloomberg are running ads for their presidential campaigns. New York Life advertises during the Super Bowl for the first time in 30 years and Porsche is running a Super Bowl ad for the first time since 1997, reports Ad Age.

According to Marketing Charts, in 2019, Stella Artois’ “Change Up the Usual” was the most watched Super Bowl online ad with more than 48 million views across top video platforms and websites by the Monday following the game.

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