Seana Collins Update on My 600 Lb Life Season 8 Episode 9

Seana Collins, My 600 LB life

TLC/YouTube Seana Collins, who weighs nearly 700 pounds, is the subject of tonight's episode of "My 600 Lb Life." Click here for details on Seana's weight loss journey.

Seana Collins is a 23-year-old Kansas City native who weighs nearly 700 pounds when we meet her on tonight’s episode of My 600 Lb. LifeThe reality star, who lives at home with her mother, is battling severe depression and anxiety and facing an early death when she decides to seek out the help of celebrity bariatric surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan.

The TLC description of Season 8 Episode 9, titled “Seana’s Story,” reads, “Seana is 23 and nearly 700 lbs, living at her mom’s house, depressed and anxious, her weight-gain threatening to take her last breath. Dr. Now can give her the tools she needs to live, but until she chooses life, no one can save Seana but Seana.”

Seana’s episode airs tonight, February 26, 2020 at 8 p.m. EST/7 p.m. CST on TLC. Here’s what we know about the reality star ahead of tonight’s debut. (Warning: some spoilers on Seana’s journey ahead! Turn back now if you don’t want anything ruined for you before the episode airs!)

Seana is Nervous & Excited to Start Her Journey With Dr. Now

My 600-lb Life – SeanaMy 600-lb Life airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on TLC.2020-02-26T04:22:23.000Z

In the clip above, Seana expresses how nervous and excited she is to move to Houston and work with Dr. Now. However, the reality star notes that she already lost the paperwork Dr. Now gave her, which highlights her dietary restrictions and exercises, and she’s worried about admitting this to Dr. Now.

“I wish I still had the papers he gave me that had all the diets and exercises on it,” Seana tells a friend. When her friend asks what would happen if she calls Dr. Now and tells him that she lost the papers, she responds, “My life literally rests in this man’s hands, I don’t want to call Dr. Now. I just don’t want him to be upset, I just want to do the diet like I am now…but it’s not easy.”

The two talk for a little while longer about how worried she is about Dr. Now’s reaction to her losing the diet papers, but she is also remaining hopeful that, despite losing her paperwork, Dr. Now will be able to get her on the right track to losing enough weight for her sleeve surgery.

“I’m hoping that if I lose what Dr. Now told me to lose and figure out moving to Texas, then he’ll tell me I can do his program,” Seana says in a voiceover. She notes that her mother is offering her support and is willing to keep paying a therapist to help Seana along her journey. “I talked to my mom about a therapist coming with me, and she said she’d keep paying him to take care of me,” she adds.

Seana Gained 2 Pounds in the End & Wasn’t Approved for Surgery

Seana Collins, My 600 Lb Life

Seana Collins is the subject of tonight’s episode of “My 600 Lb Life.”

During one of her mid-journey consult with Dr. Now, Seana weighed 658 pounds, so Dr. Now gave her the task of losing 50 more pounds before her next appointment. By her next weigh-in at month eight, Seana steps on the scale and weighs in at 623.8, about 15 pounds short of her weight goal, which was 608 pounds. Although she fell short of her goal of 50 pounds, Seana was still excited, because she’s never lost this much weight before.

Although Dr. Now tells Seana that he’s happy with her weight loss, he notes that her progress is still too slow for what he expected from somebody who is following his strict diet. He notes that 35 pounds in eight months isn’t a lot, and she needs up to work harder if she is going to be approved for surgery. He gives her two more months to lose 80 pounds and tells her to start seeing a therapist, but notes that she is “running out of chances.”

By the end of the next two months, Seana returns to Dr. Now’s office and weighs in once more. Unfortunately, the reality star gained 13 pounds since her last weigh-in, which gives her a total loss of just 24 pounds at this point. She admits to Dr. Now that she once again lost the extra copies of the diet and exercises that he gave her (for the third time), which doesn’t sit well with the doctor. He gives her one last chance, but tells her that if she isn’t up to par by her next appointment, he will no longer treat her.

Sadly, by her last checkup, Seana gained 25 more pounds, and was back up to 661.5 when she was supposed to be down to 556. In the end, Seana gained two pounds more than what she was when she started her journey, and Dr. Now tells her that they are out of options. He offers to help her find group housing in Texas and encourages her to continue psychotherapy, if she is serious about losing weight. He also tells Seana that if she finds a way to lose 50 more pounds, they can pick back up with the program, but in the meantime, she is on her own.

It’s unclear where Seana is today with her weight loss, if she’s still living in Texas or if she has even continued working to lose weight. We were unable to locate a social media page for the reality star, but if we track her down, we will update this post with a progress report. In the meantime, we hope to see Seana back on the show with a follow-up episode, if she works out a way to lose enough weight for her surgery.

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