‘SNL’ with RuPaul and Justin Bieber: Live Updates


Getty RuPaul lays down for a picture with his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

RuPaul Charles, the legendary Queen of Drag, hosted the February 8th edition of Saturday Night Live with Justin Bieber as the musical guest.

Saturday Night Live opened up with a cameo appearance by Larry David. They recreated Friday’s debate in New Hampshire, with David portraying Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

RuPaul walked out on stage wearing a bright pink suit and promptly promoted Drag Race.  “For anyone who’s not familiar with my show, first of all, how dare you?” she joked at first before explaining what the reality TV competition is about. She also addressed her attire. “I’m sure most of you are surprised to see me out of drag, but let me assure you, I’m wearing my grandmother’s panties,” she said. “I always say, you’re born naked and the rest is drag.”

There was a message RuPaul wanted to get out. It was to not take life too seriously. Though she does take kindness and love seriously. “Baby, just have fun,” she said. “If you’re lucky, you just might find yourself hosting Saturday Night Live!”

In one of the next skits, RuPaul dresses in drag and tries to help Pete Davidson turn into a drag queen to potentially become the next RuPaul. Davidson, playing “Chad,” dresses in full drag and tried to “Cissy That Walk,” except it didn’t go well. He fell into a table, realizes drag isn’t for him, and walks away from his next possible career. To RuPaul’s dismay, drag wasn’t in the cards for “Chad.”

Davidson’s name soon began to trend on social media, as Twitter users shared screen grabs of him in drag. Some noted that he looked like Fran Drescher.

In a promo clip for the new episode of Season 45, Bieber made RuPaul blush. While it was RuPaul’s first time hosting the NBC sketch series, it was Bieber’s first time returning to SNL since 2013.

“I’m so excited to be doing the show with you,” Bieber told RuPaul. “You’re a lot different than I expected in person.”

RuPaul laughed. “Just because I’m not in drag?” he said. “Baby, I contain multitudes!”

“No, I just mean ‘tall,'” Bieber replied.

But that wasn’t enough, so RuPaul nudged Bieber. “Oh, and gorgeous,” Bieber answered. “Aw, thank you,” RuPaul said.

It’s a busy time for both Bieber and RuPaul. Bieber is slated to release his new album, Changes, on Friday. He also just dropped Intentions, a new song featuring Quavo. Before that, he released “Yummy,” a pop comeback song.

Likely, RuPaul has various projects dropping. He has a new album, his Netflix series AJ and the Queen premiered on Netflix last month and Season 12 of Drag Race is slated to debut on VH1 February 28.

RuPaul previously appeared on SNL during a cameo appearance in 1993. Bieber was last on the show in 2013, where he served as the host and musical guest. Before that, he performed when Tina Fey hosted in 2010 and he also made cameo appearances in 2011 and 2012.

SNL alum Bill Hader famously said Bieber was the worst-behaved celebrity guest. “He was in a bad place,” Hader told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live in March 2018. “Maybe he’s in a better place. But back then … it was rough.”

While most guests have a good attitude, Beiber seemed “exhausted or at the end of a rope,” Hader said.

It wasn’t the first time Hader talked about not being Bieber’s biggest fan. “I really didn’t enjoy having Justin Bieber around,” the Barry star said on Live From New York: An Uncensored History Of Saturday Night Live.  “He’s the only one who lived up to the reputation. I think that’s the only time I felt that way in eight years.”

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