South Boulevard Restaurant in Arkansas Is Rescued by Gordon Ramsay

South Boulevard Rescued by Gordon Ramsay

FOX Gordon Ramsay (R) with the restaurant staff in the special 2-hour “Bear's Den Pizza" and "South Blvd” season finale.

This week on Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back, Chef Ramsay rescued two Arkansas restaurants for the two-hour season finale. The second restaurant, South Boulevard Restaurant, is located in Maumelle, near Little Rock, Arkansas and got a new menu and interior renovations.

According to the episode synopsis, South Boulevard (SoBo) is a Korean-inspired restaurant where Ramsay and the crew find an inexperienced owner whose lack of knowledge in the restaurant industry has led to a decline in business. Ramsay transforms the restaurant with renovations, a new menu, and “hope for the future.”

SoBo serves American food and sushi. The restaurant opened its doors in June 2019.

The Owner’s Goal is to Be Different

According to an interview with Fox 16 news, owner Jermaine Burton has always wanted to be different, and Gordon Ramsay’s renovation helped him achieve that goal when it comes to his restaurant.

Burton said he got a random phone call from the show and thought he was being set up for a scam at first. Of course, he wasn’t, and it was really Ramsay’s producers and crew calling to see if he was interested in a renovation.

“Gordon definitely took my idea and ran with it and kind of put it in the direction I envisioned,” Burton said. “I just didn’t know how to get there.”

Burton wanted to present new foods that would be authentic but also memorable.

The menu is available online. It has been slightly expanded since the renovation, offering many different types of sushi rolls along with BBQ Wings, Catfish Sliders, Korean Burgers, Bulgogi and Cheesesteaks. Dessert options include a brownie a-la-mode or a black sesame donut with chocolate sauce.

SoBo posted on Facebook to announce the airing of their episode of 24 Hours to Hell and Back. They wrote, “Keep your eyes peeled for the episode to see one of the restaurants in your community make some BIG changes! Come in and try out our new menu as well! We are adding new items daily to the menu that Gordon Ramsay prepared for us, so stay tuned for updates and menu expansions, or you could always come in and try us out for yourself!”

Reviews for South Boulevard Restaurant are Mixed

On Google Reviews, South Boulevard has a 3.8 out of five-star rating based on 41 reviews. The reviews since the renovation mention good food. One two-star review mentions Ramsay’s visit as their reason to visit.

The reviewer wrote, “Decided to stop by since chef Ramsay visit and though the inside looks wonderful the food was not impressive. The price points were high for the quality and portion size. My grilled calamari appetizer had one slice of calamari and my pulled pork sandwich came out on a bun so soggy I couldn’t pick it up. They replaced the sandwich but it was the same scenario. Overall I’m disappointed because I truly wanted it to be better than that!”

Positive reviews on Google say the food is great and the makeover is beautiful, though the menu is limited following the makeover.

On Yelp, the restaurant has only 10 reviews, but nearly all of them are five-stars. The recent reviews mention the sushi and the bulgogi as being very flavorful, though the menu is still limited but expanding.

Tune in to Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back to see the renovation and menu items.

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