‘Star Trek: Picard’ Episode 5 Cast: Here Are the Special Guests

Star Trek: Picard

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The latest episode of Star Trek: Picard is intense and perhaps one of the darkest episodes we’ve seen yet. It also features a series of special guests joining the cast that might look familiar to you. Here’s a look at the cast for Star Trek: Picard Episode 5, Stardust City Rag.

This article will have spoilers for Episode 5. 

The Episode Featured Numerous Special Guests, But Not the Original Actor Who Played Maddox

Some fans were really hoping that the original actor who played Maddox in Star Trek: The Next Generation would reprise his role on Picard. Well, we finally got to see Maddox and no, he was not played by the original actor. But the actor who did portray Maddox did a phenomenal job.


John Ales played the role of Bruce Maddox in Episode 5.

You might recognize him because he’s also playing Jules’ dad on Euphoria on HBO, a role that many people absolutely love.


His other credits include Runaways (Quinton the Great), All Rise, The Act, Fam, Sneaky Pete (Luka), White Famous, Preacher, Bosch (Andrew Holland), Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll (Rehab for 20 episodes), Law & Order SVU, Longmire, Ray Donovan, Burn Notice, Major Crimes, Jan, NCIS, Medium, CSI, You Wish (Genie for 13 episodes in 1997-1998), Madman of the People (Dylan Buckner for 16 episodes in 1994-1995.)

The original TNG actor who played Maddox is Brian Brophy. It’s not clear why he wasn’t cast in the role, but he hasn’t appeared in anything since 2011 besides a short movie in 2014. Brophy is doing a lot though. He’s the director of theater at the California Institute of Technology and he’s a Fulbright scholar, Daily Star Trek News shared. Back in 2016, he even directed a musical parody of Star Trek at Caltech, so he hasn’t left Star Trek completely behind. You can watch the musical here.

You can also watch the original Maddox’s role on The Next Generation in the video below.

Star Trek: The Next Generation – Sentient BeingCaptain Picard argues for Commander Data's right to be viewed as a sentient being. Subscribe to the Star Trek channel HERE: bit.ly/1iCYkrS2013-12-03T16:26:45.000Z

Here Are the Rest of the Special Guests

There were many other special guests besides John Ale.

Jeri Ryan continues her standout role as Seven of Nine. I hadn’t realized just how much I missed Seven of Nine until I saw her reviving the role in the latest episode. She was perfection and provided a perfect edge to Picard.

Dominic Burgess is also listed as a special guest, where he plays Mr. Vup. His credits include The Founders, Better Things, Modern Family, Santa Clarita Diet (Radul), The Magicians (Ember), The Good Place (Henry), Queen of the South (Ivan), The Flash (Ramsey Deacon), Feud: Bette and Joan (Victor Buono), The Leftovers, ANT Farm (Zoltan for 15 episodes), and much more.

Necar Zadegan plays Seven of Nine’s nemesis in Picard Episode 5. She has a major role and if she looks familiar, it’s because she has a long history on TV. Her credits include NCIS: New Orleans (Hannah Khoury for 36 episodes), Eleven Eleven, Documentary Now!, The Good Doctor (Dr. Jordan Ko for three episodes), Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce (Delia for 45 episodes), Here and Now (Layla for 9 episodes), Let the Right One In, Extant (Velez for six episodes), Rake (Scarlet Leon for 13 episodes), Emily Owens MD (Dr. Gina Bandari for 13 episodes), The Event (Isabel), 24 (Dalia Hassan for 20 episodes in 2010), and more.

Mason Gooding plays Raffie’s son. His credits include Love Simon (Andrew), Everything’s Gonna Be Okay (Luke), The Good Doctor, Ballers (Parker Jones), and more.

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