Starbucks Valentine’s Day Specials 2020

Starbucks Valentine's Day 2020


Starbucks is known for having special drinks and yummy treats for various holidays throughout the year, especially its seasonal holiday cups at Christmastime. But Valentine’s Day 2020 has its own set of fun items at Starbucks, including a special deal that actually takes place the day before Valentine’s Day, on February 13. Here’s what you need to know about the Starbucks Valentine’s Day specials for this year.

BOGO Valentine’s Special

On Thursday, February 13, Starbucks is running a special Happy Hour from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. local time where customers can buy one, get one free on any beverage size grande or larger in participating stores. You do have to have the Starbucks app to participate.

Additionally, if you’re a Starbucks rewards member, the popular coffee chain is also offering a deal this week where if you buy two cold brew beverages, you can earn 85 bonus stars this week. You get 10 stars for the first purchase and 75 for the second purchase. This rewards special runs until February 17.

Special Food and Drink

One of the special drinks you can share with your sweetheart is the Strawberry Frappuccino blended drink, which features sweet strawberry puree, milk and ice blended together, then topped with vanilla whipped cream. It is a delightful red and pink color.

Speaking of red and pink, if you’re looking for a chilled beverage, Starbucks is still featuring a line of refreshers that come in dragonfruit, strawberry acai, and very berry hibiscus flavors, which give them all various shades of pink and red. You can get them plain or with coconut milk to make them creamy.

If you’re totally stumped about what to get on Valentine’s Day, you could play along with Starbucks’ MASH game — remember, from when you were in junior high? It’s saved at the top of their Instagram profile as a highlight. For the record, we got a Sassy Venti Cinnamon Cold Brew with an Extra Shot of Espresso, which actually sounds kind of good.

There is also a red-and-white swirled special red velvet loaf cake that features vanilla cake swirled with red velvet cake and topped with white chocolate icing. The red velvet loaf cake is available in individual slices.

For candy and cookie lovers, Starbucks also has chocolate-covered cranberries and the white chocolate cookie creme, which is a two-pack of chocolate cookies coated in white chocolate and sprinkled with pink, red, and white hearts.

If you’re looking for last year’s cherry mocha drink, we have some bad news. Starbucks said on Instagram that it is not returning this year. Instead, Starbucks has brought back its smoked butterscotch flavor, which features hints of brown sugar and butter flavor and can be added to a latte or put in a Frappuccino blended beverage.

Valentine’s Day Gift Cards and Merchandise

Starbucks Valentine's Day gift cards

In addition to sweet treats and drinks, Starbucks is also offering limited-edition special Valentine’s Day gift cards and e-gift cards. The physical cards are plastic, refillable gift cards that come with a variety of sayings on the front: “Happy Valentine’s Day,” “Heart You So Much,” “You’re Amazing,” “Coffee Date?”, “You + Me,” and “Love You Lots.” Some of them even come shaped like hearts.

If you want one that expresses your feelings without mentioning Valentine’s Day specifically, there is also a line of “love”-based gift cards that feature the sayings, “Love Your Face,” “Love You, Girl,” “You Are Here” with a picture of a heart, “Love Ya,” and “LOVE LOVE LOVE.”

Additionally, there are gift cards to celebrate all other kinds of holidays and seasons: the Lunar New Year, winter, thank-you cards, birthday cards, appreciation cards, encouragement cards, workplace cards, community cards and some “just because” cards that have coffee themes on them.

Finally, Starbucks is also offering exclusive Pink Heart Cluster Cup or Ceramic Mug with Pink Confetti, available at participating stores while supplies last.

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