Mikaela Spielberg, Steven Spielberg’s Daughter: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Mikaela Spielberg


Mikaela Spielberg is Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw’s sixth child. The celebrity couple adopted Mikaela in 1996. In total, Spielberg and Capshaw have seven children together. Their last child, Destry, was born in December 1996. Mikaela, 23, is one of the couple’s two children who are adopted. The other is their son, Theo.

Mikaela made headlines around the world in February 2020 when she told The Sun newspaper in an interview that she wished to become a porn star. Mikaela said that her celebrity parents were okay with her potential career move. In the interview, Mikaela said she will not have sex with another person on camera thanks to her relationship with her 47-year-old fiance, Chuck Pankow.

In addition to a career in pornography, Mikaela, who lives in Nashville, Tennessee, said she would like to become a stripper. Mikaela explained, “I got really tired of not being able to capitalize on my body and frankly, I got really tired of being told to hate my body. And I also just got tired of working day to day in a way that wasn’t satisfying my soul. I feel like doing this kind of work, I’m able to ‘satisfy’ other people, but that feels good because it’s not in a way that makes me feel violated.”

The story is reminiscent of that of Laurence Fishburne’s daughter, Montana, who shocked the world in 2010 when she revealed that she was entering the porn industry.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. Spielberg Flew Home Immediately After the 1996 Oscars to Meet His Just-Born Daughter

Steven Spielberg daughter Mikaela


Mikaela was adopted by the Spielberg family in late-March 1996, according to reports from the time. Her full name was given at the time as Mikaela-George. Capshaw was quoted as saying at the time, “We are so thrilled to welcome Mikaela into our lives — the sixth and final addition to our family.” Their daughter, Destry, was born less than a year later.

The report on Mikaela’s birth said that Spielberg had flown home to East Hampton in New York immediately after the Oscars to meet his new daughter. During the Oscars, Capshaw said she held Mikaela up in front of the television when Spielberg was shown, saying, “Look, honey, there’s your daddy!” Capshaw said Mikaela’s response was to simply burp.

2. Spielberg Once Said the Reason He & His Wife Adopted Mikaela Was So That Her Brother, Theo, Would Not Be the Only Black Child in the Family

Spielberg told The Guardian in 1999 that part of the reason he and his wife decided to adopt Mikaela was that they “wanted Theo not to be the only black child in the family.”

In the same feature, Spielberg spoke about how his wife converted to Judaism before their 1991 wedding. Spielberg referred to the family as “time-permitting practitioners of Judaism.” Spielberg explained that Mikaela, like the rest of their children, would be raised in the Jewish faith.

3. Mikaela Refers to Herself as a ‘Plus-Sized Pixie’

On her Instagram page, Mikaela refers to herself as a Polytheist, one who believes in multiple Gods and deities. Mikaela goes by the moniker Vandal Princess on that profile. In her bio section, Mikaela says that her page is not for minors, that she is in the process of setting up an Only Fans page, and that she is a “plus-sized pixie.”

Mikaela’s adult career seemingly began when she posted a raunchy photo to her Instagram account in February 2020. Mikaela told The Sun that she began by posting raunchy videos to PornHub but wants to wait until she receives a Tennessee sex worker’s license before she goes any further.

4. Mikaela Spielberg Has Thanked Her Fans for Their Positive Reaction to Her News

In response to The Sun interview, Mikaela said in a statement on her Instagram page, “Hey y’all thanks for the overwhelming inbox love I never expected a positive reaction like this.” Mikaela included her Venmo information so her fans could talk to her. In the caption for the post, Mikaela asked her followers to not leave explicit messages. During her interview with the British tabloid, Mikaela said she hopes to be financially independent of her parents thanks to her new career move.

Mikaela adds on her page that she is “pro-Heaux.” According to a Patreon post, a pro-Heaux is described as, “A sex worker womanist, feminist, or hustler-heaux committed to collective and personal justice, not just sexually, but through recognition of labor and physical security.” Mikaela also makes reference to being an avid player of the video game “The Elder Scrolls.”

5. Spielberg Has Credited Mikaela as Being the Source of Inspiration for the Movie ‘War Horse’

Spielberg credited Mikaela as being the inspiration for the director’s 2011 movie War Horse. Spielberg said at the time Mikaela had helped him to truly appreciate horses. “[Mikaela] travels the country in competition, jumping her horses. We have stables for as many as 12 horses … When I found War Horse, I was more than ready to tell this story,” Spielberg said.

The film followed the true story of a horse that helped his beloved human survive the World War I battlefields of the Somme and Passchendaele. War Horse grossed over $177 million worldwide.

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