‘Survivor’ Season 40, Episode 2 Live Recap & Elimination Spoilers

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On the latest episode of Survivor: Winners at War, the episode description tells us “one castaway is out for blood after realizing their closest ally was sent to the Edge of Extinction.” There’s no question as to who that is — the previews for this week show us that it’s Boston Rob Mariano, who is very upset that the other tribe voted his wife Amber Brkich Mariano out of the game.

It’s not a huge surprise that he’s mad; Amber hasn’t played Survivor since the two of them met on “All-Stars.” They have since gotten married and have four children. But the question is, what can Rob really do about it until the tribes are merged?

The description for “It’s a Survivor Economy” also tells us that “another castaway must dig themselves out after letting information slip.” Who might that be? Follow along here with our live recap and elimination spoilers Wednesday, February 19 at 8 p.m. ET/PT.

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8:05 — We pick back up at Edge of Extinction. Amber vows not to stop fighting — she did not come out here and leave her four children at home in order to go out so early. Meanwhile, over at Sele, Rob gets Amber’s fire token and he feels pretty sure he knows who sent it to him. He tells Parvati Shallow about it and they hope maybe it was Sandra Diaz-Twine who sent it to him. That’s not a bad guess, but Rob is going to be quite disappointed.

8:07 — Over at Dakal, Ben Driebergen wants to work on his social game, so he helps Denise Stapley look for a hidden immunity idol. I would love those two working together, that’s really fun. And then she finds one! Go, Denise! And the twist is that it’s two idols, so she has to give one half to someone else. Ben suggests that she give the other half to someone else that they can bring into their alliance, which is a really solid move on his part. It immediately makes Denise trust him 100 percent, so that was smart. And she’s already aligned with Adam Klein, so he’s the logical person to bring into the circle. The three of them are an alliance I can totally get behind. But Adam is nervous about Ben being in the group because he thinks he’s a wild card.

Before giving Adam the idol, Denise floats the idea of giving the other half to Parvati. Adam, myself, and probably everyone else at home all go, “UM, ARE YOU INSANE?!” No, you don’t give that to Parvati! She’s way too good at this game, all that would do is backfire. Thankfully, Adam talks Denise down and she gives him the other half.

8:10 — Back at Sele, Kim Spradlin-Wolfe is lamenting how alone she is in the game so far. Yeah, that’s unexpected from her. She was so dominant in her original game. But she manages to find an idol, which is huge. That’s great. But it’s the same deal as Denise’s idol, so who is Kim going to give the other half to? Also, as she finds the idol, Tony Vlachos and Nick Wilson walk up and totally bust her, though she manages to keep her cool and later give Sophie Clarke the other half. That’s another good alliance, I’m totally on board with that too. Hopefully, this will prove to Sophie that there is no poker game alliance… except it seems to have the opposite effect. Sophie wants Kim gone. Oh, no, Soph!

8:17 — Back on EOE, Amber and Natalie are given a riddle about something they haven’t noticed yet. It turns out the first letter of each line spells “water well,” so that’s the clue. After walking around together for a while, Natalie manages to go off on her own and find the advantage at the well. She can offer it to someone who will then get to leave Tribal Council before the vote if they choose to buy it for one fire token. Interesting. She sends it to Jeremy Collins.

8:22 — Now we get the segment where Tony builds what can loosely be described as a “ladder.” As Sophie says, it’s a bunch of bamboo strapped together with flimsy twine. Lo and behold, when they try to use the ladder, it is pretty unsteady, but rather miraculously, Tony manages to shimmy up and get some fruit.

8:24 — Something Tony does that is much smarter than scaling that ladder is he reaffirms his “Cops R Us” alliance with Sarah Lacina. She’s a really solid player, they just have to be careful because everyone already assumes they’re paired up.

8:28 — Immunity Challenge time. This one involves the tribes moving a giant cart down an obstacle course where they must retrieve keys that go to three very heavy chests that they will haul on the cart. At the end, they get the pieces out of the chests and solve a dragon puzzle. In addition to immunity, they are also playing for the Survivor spice kit.

8:33 — The tribes are pretty evenly matched for a while, but Dakal gets to the puzzle with a decent lead for Sophie and Sandra, who are the puzzle-solvers for their tribe. Rob and Denise are the puzzlers for Sele and they actually make up some time when they get to their pieces. But when Rob and Denise get to the second section, they waste too much time organizing their pieces and that’s it. Sophie and Sandra get it. As Rob says afterward, “That wasn’t even close.”

8:40 — Back at camp, Rob still feels pretty secure after blowing that puzzle, though. He thinks Jeremy might be in trouble, but Ben also seems like a wild card and Rob doesn’t trust him. Rob, Parvati, and Ethan Zohn convene a tribal of elders to decide who they’re voting for, but they weirdly leave Danni Boatwright out of the loop, so she goes to Ben and Ethan to make a case for keeping her. Except right there in front of Ben, Danni blurts out that there was talk of an old-school alliance! Does she not realize that Ben just won Survivor like two years ago?! You dum-dum! You cannot go running your mouth like that! AND THEN — she goes to Rob about voting out Parvati. UM, WHAT?! Is Danni insane?!

8:43 — It takes about five seconds for everybody to decide that Danni needs to go. Yeah, she’s playing like a total lunatic. What is she doing this episode?! This is crazy! Danni deserves to get voted out. She has lost her mind.

8:45 — Can I also just say that I hate the way everyone treats Rob like “the godfather,” as Adam calls him. It happens every time he plays! Everyone acts like they can’t go against his wishes, but it’s like — if you get enough people together, you totally can. And Jeremy actually feels the same way, so he starts talking to Adam and Michele Fitzgerald about pulling off a blindside on Parvati. Ooooh, that’s fun.

8:52 — I question whether Jeremy, Adam, Michele and (presumably) Denise and Danni have the guts to pull off a blindside on Parvati at this point. If they do, that would be pretty epic.

8:55 — Nothing very exciting happens during the talking at Tribal, but things get really interesting when Ben blathers on about paranoia and while he does so, everyone starts whispering amongst themselves. BUT THEN — Ben runs his mouth about helping people look for idols and so Rob says, “Why don’t we all find out who has the idol?” and starts shaking his bag out on the floor. Which means now everyone has to. Luckily, Adam and Denise manage to hide their idols and still shake their bags out. But wow. WOW.

8:58 — The votes go one for Parvati and then five for Danni, so she’s out. She gives her fire token to Denise on her way out. Honestly, I can’t even blame them for voting Danni out this episode. What on earth was she doing?!

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