‘Survivor’ Season 40, Episode 3 Live Recap & Spoilers

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Episode 3 of Survivor: Winners at War is titled “Out for Blood” and, based on the previews, that is exactly what the new-school players are going to be in these next few episodes.

Adam Klein is especially fed up with the way Boston Rob Mariano and Parvati Shallow are running things at the Sele tribe, so he has vowed to shake things up. The only question is if he can get enough players to join him to make any difference.

Over at Dakal, the previews tease that the tribe catches an actual shark in their fishing net, which is pretty impressive. And out at Edge of Extinction island, Amber Brkich Mariano may have found something pretty juicy. Can she manage to keep whatever advantage it is to herself?

Tune in Wednesday, February 16 at 8 p.m. ET/PT to find out and follow along with our live recap and elimination spoilers below. All times Eastern.

8:05 — At Sele, Adam and Denise Stapley are thinking the person to get out is Parvati because they think they can convince people to go along with them. Ben Driebergen and Michele Fitzgerald are on board. But Ben will have to stop being such a wild card because if Boston Rob gets even a whiff of Parvati being in trouble, he’s going to work his magic and make sure someone else goes home. Adam then tells Ethan Zohn about the plan, which — what?! Why would you do that?! And Adam even says in a private interview that people at home probably can’t believe he did that. Yes! Why did you do that?! Ethan acts like he’s on board with Adam, but Ethan is decidedly not on board with that plan.

8:10 — Meanwhile, over at Dakal, Tyson Apostol thinks Sandra Diaz-Twine is the one who needs to go, but Yul Kwon doesn’t want Sandra to go, so he approaches Sandra about an alliance and also tells her what Tyson is up to, which Sandra is none too happy to hear.

8:15 — Out on Edge of Extinction island, the ladies each get a scroll. The scrolls are just a picture of this unique tree up on the hilltop. There are lock boxes up there with number wheels, but they have apparently been given all the information they need to solve it. Amber thinks the numbers painted on the crates are it, but they’re not. Natalie Anderson figures out it’s the shells on the necklaces that were tying the scrolls closed, then she very sneakily keeps hers and throws one necklace away and smashes the third, so that no one else can solve it but her. Sneaky, sneaky, Natalie. The advantage she gets will let someone steal a vote, if they choose to buy this advantage by giving Natalie their fire token.

8:20 — Natalie chooses to send the advantage to Sarah Lacina, but the advantage has a caveat. Sarah has to sneak into the other tribe’s camp at night and get the steal a vote from one of their torches. Whoa. What if she gets caught?! Yikes. Luckily, Sarah chooses to buy the advantage. This should be pretty awesome to watch.

8:22 — She enlists her Cops R Us partner Tony Vlachos to help her. He has the idea to rub ash on her face to make her darker, which is kind of a good idea in theory, but the execution doesn’t exactly work the way they want it to. Anyway, Sarah gets a boat over to Sele’s camp and starts crawling around in the darkness trying to sneak past everyone to get to the torches. Not gonna lie, this is super intense. Eventually, Sarah manages to find the steal-a-vote and she beats a retreat back to Dakal’s camp. Well done, Sarah!

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8:30 — Immunity challenge time. This one involves a ninja-like ramp obstacle course, digging in a sandpit, climbing a tower, and then a tree puzzle. The reward is kabobs and immunity, the losers have to go to Tribal. Sandra sits out for Dakal, and they get off to an early lead. Sele had trouble on the ramp obstacles, particularly Michele.

8:35 — Then on the rope-tossing part, Sele falls farther behind because Boston Rob can’t get the rope to lodge in the holder. Wendell got his pretty quickly for Dakal, then they scale the second level lickety-split and Sophie Clarke and Sarah get started on the puzzle. Sele eventually gets to the puzzle, but they are pretty far behind. Michele and Rob take on the puzzle for Sele and they actually take the lead after a few minutes. It comes down to the wire and gets super intense, but finally, Dakal pulls it out. Right at the end, Sarah dropped two pieces and I actually screamed right out loud. That was soooo close. Poor Sele.

8:45 — Back at camp, everybody just sits around staring at each other because no one wants to be suspicious and walk off together. Finally, Jeremy Collins, Ben and Denise walk off and talk about voting off Parvati. Why would do they think Parvati is the most dangerous person in old-school alliance? Boston Rob is sooooo much more dangerous in the game.

Case in point: Adam tells Boston Rob that Parvati is the target and Rob immediately gets to work getting Adam out by talking to Michele, Jeremy and Parvati about blindsiding Adam. Oh, Adam. As Parvati says in a private interview, you don’t tell someone who is aligned with the target about the plan.

8:47 — Michele is furious that Adam spilled the beans to Rob. She tells Denise and Ben what he did and Ben immediately says maybe they should get Adam out. Yeah, Adam. Duh. The only thing that might save him is that Michele still really wants to break up the three old-schoolers, which might trump her desire to punish Adam for his stupidity.

8:53 — At Tribal Council, Sele admits it’s hard to be unified in the face of so much losing and it’s hard for anyone to trust anyone else. But really, that’s about all that happens. It’s very hard to say going into the vote who is actually going home.

8:58 — The votes go Parvati, Adam, Adam, Adam, Ethan, Ethan, Ethan, and… Ethan. WOW. So the four new-schoolers minus Adam (who can’t keep his mouth shut) got together and voted out Ethan and in the process saved Adam’s butt. He better be kissing their rings when they get back to camp because he almost screwed up his entire game and they saved him. Ethan gifts his fire token to Parvati on the way out.

9:00 — Next time: Michele and Jeremy are sick of Adam’s shenanigans, plus… there might be a medical emergency at Edge of Extinction?

Survivor: Winners at War airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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