Taco on ‘The Masked Singer’ Clues & Guesses So Far (Episode 5)

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FOX The Taco in the Mask-Matics: Group B Playoffs episode of THE MASKED SINGER airing Wednesday, Feb. 26 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

The Taco performed for the second time this season on The Masked Singer season 3 episode 5, which aired on Wednesday, February 26. Before his performance, the Taco’s clue package offered new hints about the person singing behind the mask.

Who is the Taco? Read on for the top clues given and guesses made about their celebrity identity as of episode 5 of The Masked Singer.

Taco on ‘The Masked Singer’ Top Clues

The Clues: Taco | Season 3 Ep. 4 | THE MASKED SINGERCheck out the clues as to who could be under the Taco mask! Don't miss all-new episodes every WED at 8/7c on FOX! Subscribe now for more The Masked Singer clips: fox.tv/Subscribe_TheMaskedSinger Watch more videos from The Masked Singer: fox.tv/MaskedSingerSeason3 Catch full episodes now: fox.tv/maskedsingeryt Like The Masked Singer on Facebook: fox.tv/TheMaskedSinger_FB Follow The Masked…2020-02-20T02:22:21.000Z

The Taco’s first video package offered a number of clues about his celebrity identity. Some major clues that popped up were a commercial kitchen and chefs, VCR tapes, a Rubik’s cube, and a red trolley. He also teased “I’ve been a comforting part of your lives for decades.”

After his episode 4 performance, the Taco told host Nick Cannon “This is how I dress normally. The weirdest thing about this is being ignored by people because they don’t know who I am. For the first time, I feel invisible.”

The Taco’s episode 5 clue package created more questions than it answered. The Taco said “So here’s the news update, I felt like I was cooking on that stage and breaking out of my shell.” He teased that while he might be known as a “buttoned up mild type,” he used to be “hot-headed.” He credited his change in personality to falling in love, alluding that being with his current wife or partner helped him for the better. A hairpiece and constellations in the galaxy were the major visual clues.

After his performance of “Bossa Nova Baby” by Elvis Presley, the Taco told Nick Cannon that in school, “I was a class clown. Once I was put in a closet in the classroom for bad behavior. But I loved it! I didn’t have to sit in class.”

‘The Masked Singer’ Taco Top Guesses

After the Taco’s first Masked Singer performance (he sang an impressive rendition of “Fly Me to the Moon” by Frank Sinatra), the judges guessed the celebrity behind the mask could be Regis Philbin, Martin Short, or Bob Saget.

On Twitter, the two celebrity names that rose to the top as the most popular fan guesses after episode 4 were Tim Allen and Tom Bergeron.

Jenny McCarthy guessed Harry Connick Jr. or Seth McFarland, guest judge Gabriel Iglesias guessed Ted Danson, Ken Jeong guessed Alec Baldwin. Nicole Scherzinger agreed with Ken that Baldwin is a solid guess, if he decided to come on the show for his kids.

On Twitter, many guessed Tim Allen because of references to his Toy Story character Buzz Lightyear and the show Last Man Standing, which Allen stars in. Tom Bergeron remained another popular guess.

SPOILER ALERT: At the end of the episode, the Mouse was unmasked, which means the Taco performs and offers new clues in episode 6 with the other remaining “Group B” contestants. Keep guessing, and check back next week for more clues and guesses!

Tune in for new episodes of The Masked Singer season 3, Wednesday nights at 8/7c on FOX.

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