Tangle Pets on ‘Shark Tank’ Update: Where is The Company Today?

Tangle Pets Shark Tank Update


Tangle Pets was first seen on Shark Tank in 2017, when Liz Martin brought the product in, asking for $75,000 for 35 percent equity in her company. With the Shark Tank: The Greatest of All Time special set to air on Wednesday, February 26, it’s possible the company will get a bit more air time.

The product was a way to make brushing kids’ hair easier; the detangling solution is a brush combined with a plush in hopes to make the event of hair brushing more fun for the child. At the time of airing, the brush sold for $13 and was available in ladybug, puppy, kitty or seal plush options.

The Sharks were skeptical, even when Martin told them she had over $8,000 in sales in just a few months of being available.

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Tangle Pets ‘Shark Tank’ Appearance and Deal

At first, Mark Cuban told Martin she was a “force of nature,” but he was out. Robert Herjavec went out after, and Kevin O’Leary followed after telling Martin she had great energy and a positive attitude.

Barbara Corcoran told Martin she had a lot of enthusiasm but honestly seemed exhausting to work with, so she also went out, leaving only Lori Greiner left. She commented on the fact that the wet/dry type of brush used for the product was one of the best in the world and said the product was very well-made.

She offered $75,000 for 50 percent of the company, leading Martin to counter with 45% instead. Greiner wouldn’t go down to 45 percent, so Martin took the deal at 50 percent.

Lori Greiner later offered an update on the company on her Instagram story. She wrote that “Less than a year ago… Tangle Pets came into the tank. She came into the tank with $8k in sales but… In less than 1 YEAR… We’ve done over $10 MILLION in retail sales!” She asked followers what their favorite of the five available characters were.

Tangle Pets Now: An Update on the Company

Tangle Pets (Official Commercial)• Easily detangles hair • Made with high quality Plush • Great for any hair type • Perfect size for all hands – Mom and Kids! • Lovable animal character designs • Removeable, Machine Washable Plush © 2018 APG2018-08-21T15:38:34.000Z

In 2018, Tangle Pets had sold over $12 million worth of their toy brushes and were available in 20,000 stores throughout the world. Now, they’re available at Bed Bath and Beyond, Buy Buy Baby, Walgreens and Walmart. They are also available through QVC and Amazon. Lori Greiner’s website says “Tangle Pets are the fun brush that effortlessly detangles any hair type!”

The reviews for Tangle Pet brushes on Amazon are positive, with reviewers mentioning that the brushes are well-made and they do work when trying to get children to sit down and get their hair brushed.

The brushes also have positive reviews on QVC, where they are sold for $14 for two brushes.

At the time of writing, the Tangle Pets website is down, and there have been no posts to the Facebook page in quite some time. The Instagram page was last active one month ago when they posted about upcoming Shark Tank auditions.

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