Team Snapchat Trends After Finally Sending Valentine’s Message

Team Snapchat Valentine's


People across the country were saddened when their yearly Team Snapchat Valentine’s Day message hadn’t arrived yet today. But this afternoon, Snapchat finally sent out the message after many sad tweets were shared. The yearly message has become a bit of a meme, with people joking about how sometimes it’s the only Valentine’s message they get. But when it was delayed, the absence was missed. Snapchat finally came through though and did send out its yearly greeting. Here are some of the best memes about Team Snapchat’s Valentine’s greeting.

When the message hadn’t arrived yet, people shared sad memes about the absence in their inbox.

Some people joked that “even Team Snapchat” didn’t care this year.

One person wrote: “You know you are alone forever when Team Snapchat won’t even send you a Valentine’s Day message.”

As time wore on without a message, more people voiced concern.

One person wrote: “Everyone’s talking about how ‘the only snapchat I’m getting on Valentine’s Day is from team snapchat‘ I didn’t even get a snap from team snapchat so…” 

Another person wrote that they were “single single” today because they didn’t hear from Team Snapchat.

But finally, the long-awaited Valentine’s message arrived and people celebrated.

Well… Most people celebrated.

Still, most of the posts from people showed that they were happy to get the message, along with a good dose of sarcasm too. Here are some of the best messages and memes people shared about finally hearing from Team Snapchat.

One person wrote: “Team Snapchat just sent me a Valentines video, so yeah, I’m having a pretty good day.”

“Team Snapchat, my true love,” another person wrote.

Here are some more posts about Team Snapchat.

Other people commented that they had blocked Team Snapchat a long time ago, so they had no idea if Snapchat was still sending those messages or not.

Will Team Snapchat continue sending messages next Valentine’s? Probably so, but we’ll see.

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