‘The Bachelor’ 2020 Contestants Remaining – 2/17/20

Hannah Ann Bachelor Winner

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We’re down to the final four on this season of The Bachelor, which means one thing: hometown dates. Tonight, Peter will travel to the last four women’s homes where he will meet their families and learn more about how they became the women they are today.

Last week, Kelley Flanagan and Natasha Parker were eliminated from show, meaning Hannah Ann, Kelsey, Victoria, and Madison are the remaining contestants.

Read on to learn more about Peter’s final four.

Madison Prewett

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Madison is 23, and hails from Auburn, Abalama, where she works as a foster parent recruiter.

During last week’s date with Pilot Pete, Madison opened up about how much her religion means to her. She shared that her relationship with Jesus is her “whole life”. Peter, after a long pause, said that he was raised in a Christian family and that his faith is “important” to him, but that it could be stronger.

In turn, Madi said, “Faith is more than just this passed-down thing to me, it’s literally my whole life and all of who I am,” she said. “I want, in a marriage, someone who also has that relationship with the Lord and loves that about me and wants to raise a family in that way.”

Speaking to cameras, Madison also shared that she is saving herself for marriage. The question now is how will that information pan out for the rest of the season, considering the fact that Peter (as far as promos go) hints at waking up with someone else in the Fantasy Suite. At this point, it’s unclear if anything happened between him and another contestant, but either way, fans of the show know he and Hannah brown had sex in a windmill four times, and we’re not sure if that will be brought up with Madison.

Hannah Ann Sluss

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Hannah Ann is also 23, and hails from Knoxville. When Peter visits her hometown, she brings him to the Smoky Mountain Axe House in Alcoa before the pair spend time with Hannah Ann’s family.

In a recent news release, ABC shared, “Peter attempts to impress Hannah Ann’s lumberjack father with his axe-throwing, crosscut saw and log-splitting prowess at the Smoky Mountain Throw Down… But once Peter brings up the ‘L’ word to her concerned dad, he pressures Peter to only use the word love under one condition when it comes to his daughter.”

It’s been weeks since Hannah Ann has admitted she’s falling in love with Peter, and now, fans are wondering if the feeling is mutual. In fact, last week, Hannah Ann read Peter a list of “reasons I love you” during their three-on-one date, where she received a rose.

Kelsey Weier

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Safety first right peter? #weregoingtoiowa

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This week, Peter will be making his way to Iowa, where he will meet Kelsey’s family– specifically, she’ll meet Kelsey’s mother and stepfather.

In a sneak peek of tonight, Kelsey’s mother tells Peter, “You know, as a mom of three and having gone through a divorce, nobody wants to have their children’s heart broken… so don’t break my girl’s heart. Do you understand?”

Kelsey won Miss Iowa USA in 2017. She finished runner-up in 2016 and runner-up in 2015. These days, she works as a professional clothier at Tom James Company, where she has worked for over two years.

Victoria Fuller

Victoria Fuller has gotten in some hot water lately. The 26-year-old modeled merchandise for a “White Lives Matter” clothing brand, and the pictures were leaked.

In response to the reports, Fuller wrote on her Instagram, “I would like to sincerely apologize for my involvement with We Love Marlins… My intention was only to support an endangered species.”

“I want to say that I unequivocally reject the beliefs of the white lives matter movement or any propaganda that supports racism of any kind,” Fuller continued. “I would like to specifically apologize to people of color that are affected by racism daily. It was never my intention to add fuel to the racial fire in this country.

In response to the photos of Victoria, Cosmopolitan decided to pull the photo that Fuller won during a competition with Peter that was intended to be printed on the cover of the magazine.

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