What Time Is Tonight’s ‘Bachelor’ 2020 Episode? 2/17/20

ABC Peter Weber and all the contestants of 'The Bachelor' Season 24

We’re getting down to the final episodes on this season of The Bachelor, and tonight, Peter will visit his four remaining ladies’ hometowns, where he will meet their families.

Tonight’s episode will air at 8pm ET/PT, and will last two hours.

Last week, Peter went on a one-on-one with Madison, after which he gave her the rose. Then, he went on a one-on-one with Natasha, but she didn’t take a rose home. Kelsey did end up taking the rose home during her date with the pilot.

The last date of the episode was a three-on-one with Kelley, Victoria, and Hannah Ann. Victoria and Hannah Ann both got roses, meaning Kelley was sent home.

Read on for spoilers for tonight’s episode of the show.

Madison’s Father Does Not Give Peter His Blessing

During their date, Madison and Peter visit the Auburn men’s basketball team– Madison’s dad is the assistant coach. According to a spoiler from Reality Steve, Madison’s father does not give Peter his blessing to marry his daughter.

The drama really goes down during Victoria’s one-on-one hometown date, though. According to Reality Steve, before he’s set to meet her family, Peter breaks things off with Victoria. (And this is where we get the preview footage of her telling the camera to get away.) Clearly, this doesn’t last for long because Victoria, for a fact, goes to the overnight section of the dates (aka the fantasy suites).

Production Reportedly Tried to Get Kelsey’s Father to Show Up

In his article, Reality Steve writes, “Kelsey and her sisters have a very contentious relationship with their father, and I was told production was trying to get the father to show up for the hometown date. I’m sure if the family caught wind of it and shut it down, or production couldn’t get a hold of him, but from everything I’ve heard, it would’ve been a disaster if he showed up. Hence the reason production was trying to get him.”

Fans have scoured the internet for details about Kelsey’s father. What she’s shared with Peter is that her parents are divorced, and she didn’t see her father for twelve years after the separation.

On an earlier episode of The Bachelor, Kelsey opened up to Peter, saying, “When my parents got a divorce, I found out before my mom did. I came home from basketball practice and there was a letter written on the counter with my dad’s wedding ring. So I didn’t see him for twelve years… He moved to Mexico and started his own life. He has his whole family…”

These days, Kelsey is very close with her mother and sisters. In her Miss USA Video, she says of her mom, “I have so much love and appreciation and respect for her and she has taught me how to be a strong and independent woman. I would not be the woman I am without her today.”

Kelsey says her parents’ divorce is the reason she has such a tough exterior and “protective shell”.

Be sure to tune into another episode of The Bachelor tonight on ABC at 8pm ET/PT.

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