What Time Is Tonight’s ‘Bachelor’ 2020 Episode? 2/3/20

ABC Peter Weber and all the contestants of 'The Bachelor' Season 24

Tonight is a new episode of The Bachelor. The episode will last two hours, and will take place in Chile. The show will air from 8pm ET/PT to 10pm ET/PT.

Monday’s episode ran for three hours, but that isn’t the case tonight.

Read on for a recap of last night, and spoilers for tonight.

Drama, Drama, Drama

Monday’s episode kicked off with a farewell to Alayah.

Then, Peter jetted off to his one-on-one with Sydney. She received the rose.

At the group date, the women posed for Cosmopolitan’s editor in chief for their March issue. Victoria F was chosen to pose with Peter for the cover shoot. (Since then, however, Cosmo announced it was pulling the cover when photos of Victoria F. modeling ‘White Lives Matter’ logo were released.) Hannah Ann ended up getting the group date rose.

During Peter’s one-on-one with Kelley, she criticized him for rewarding the drama– something audiences at home were likely happy about. They had a deep discussion about whether or not Kelley was ready to commit to the process, and she assured him she was. She ended up getting the rose.

Then, the drama really picked up. Kelsey, worried that the ladies would say something to Peter at the rose ceremony, crept over to Peter’s house to talk to him. During the conversation, she said that Tammy had been questioning whether she has substance abuse issues. He ended up giving her a rose. The other women in the house did not react well to Kelsey telling them she’d mysteriously acquired a rose.

Then, Peter did something that really set the women off: he canceled the rose ceremony. Tammy then pulled Peter aside to tell him not to believe what Kelsey might have said about her. Mykenna then interrupted Tammy because she “needed to talk to Peter.”

It was, to say the least, a dramatic night.

We ultimately had to say bye to Deandra, Savannah, Lexi, and Shiann. When a crying Lexi went up to Peter to hug him goodbye, he told her, “I’m sorry. I’m just following my heart.”

But when she was leaving, Shiann gave Peter a warning. She told him, “Some of the girls that are here… sometimes what you’re seeing is not who they are.” Peter, left confused and concerned, just said, “Ok”. It’s unclear if Peter will ever know who Shiann was specifically talking about. For now, we’ll have to wait and see how things pan out tonight.

Spoilers for Tonight

Don’t keep reading if you don’t want to know what goes down on tonight’s episode of The Bachelor. 

Tonight, Peter has two one-on-one dates. The first is with Hannah Ann, and the second is with Victoria Fuller.

Peter also goes on a soap opera date with Kelsey, Madison, Sydney, Natasha, Kelley, Mykenna, Tammy, and Victoria P.

Next week, the Bachelor team is jetting down to Lima, Peru, and after that, there will only be four girls left, which means one thing: hometowns.

Be sure to tune into tonight’s episode of The Bachelor at 8pm ET/PT on ABC.

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