Turtle on ‘The Masked Singer’: Top Clues & Guesses

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Who’s under the shell? At this point, it’s unclear.

While audiences have made some pretty good guesses when it comes to the other animals’ identities, everyone seems to be pretty stumped about the turtle.

What do we know so far about the turtle? Read on.

Top Clues for the Turtle

For their first song, the llama sang “She Bangs” by Ricky Martin.

At first, the promo at the top seemed like it wasn’t giving anything away when it came to the identity of the turtle. But as a Woman’s Day article pointed out, there really is a clue in the video.

Fans have noticed that there is some sports memorabilia in the background of the scene that stops on the turtle– including a version of the logo for the Chicago Bears.

Tonight’s performance may have changed some minds, though.

In the turtle’s intro video, we learned that he started his career “surrounded by other hungry newcomers.” However, he decided that slow and steady wins the race. “I watched as many stars burnt too brightly too quickly.”

At another point in the intro video, we watched the turtle wax a surfboard. And the subsequent scene showed him at a grill, making burgers.

In general, some guesses could be made based on the turtle’s costume. It’s very punk rock (its costume went live on January 21.) The turtle even came on stage saying he was going to “shell-ebrate his victory.” Sure, it’s a great pun, but what else could it mean? Could the word ‘celebrate’ have any meaning to the turtle?

Top Guesses for the Turtle

Because of the Chicago Bears’ logo, some fans have guessed that the turtle could either be the Chicago Bears’ quarterback Mitch Trubisky, or linebacker Khalil Mack.

Jenny thinks it could be someone she and her husband, Donny, both know. She’s thinking maybe someone from 98 Degrees or the Back Street Boys.

Joey figured it was Joey McIntyre from New Kids on the Block.

Nicole thinks it could be Zac Efron, with the surfboard symbolizing his part in Bay Watch.

Twitter, on the other hand, had some other guesses to throw out there. Multiple Twitter users guessed it could be Jesse McCartney.

Your Tango, meanwhile, thinks that Jack Black could be the one behind the costume. They write, “Black seems to be a popular choice when it comes to figuring out the identity of the Turtle. This costume definitely reminds us of Black’s character in the movie, so it wouldn’t be quite a stretch if that’s really who’s inside.”

One thing we know for sure? This season is going to be tricky to figure out. In a recent interview with Variety, showrunner and executive producer Izzie Pick Ibarra said of the new cast, “We have a wish list,” Ibarra explains of the casting process. “We do our research for who might be interesting for the show, so the way we cast is mixture of things that we look for — we look for people who have amazing stories that can drive that person’s narrative throughout their singing on the show, and then there are people who are very much in the zeitgeist.”

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