Brittany Cartwright & Jax Taylor’s Minister Ryan Dotson

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Getty Brittany Cartwright (L) and Jax Taylor.

Brittany and Jax planned to have a pastor from Kentucky officiate their wedding but he was accused of posting homophobic comments on social media.

The pastor is pro-life and does not support transgender individuals in the ministry. He also criticized the supreme court decision to legalize gay marriage. On the February 18 season 8 episode the couple has to deal with the fall out from the pastor’s comments. The episode shows Brittany and Jax handling the situation while the rest of the cast criticizes the way they go about the controversy.

The pastor’s questionable posts were discovered when people on the internet looked him up and found his personal views expressed on his personal social media feed.

Here’s what we know about Brittany and Jax’s pastor:

Brittany & Jax’s Pastor Is Ryan Dotson

The couple announced in December 2018 that Ryan Dotson, a pastor from Kentucky, was going to marry them at The Kentucky Castle, in Versailles, Kentucky. Brittany first addressed backlash over the pair’s decision during a January appearance on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.

According to screenshots obtained by BuzzFeed, the pastor previously criticized a church for appointing a transgender deacon and condemned the Supreme Court for ruling to legalize gay marriage. After Taylor, 39, and Cartwright, 30, attended LA Pride over the weekend, anti-LGBTQ comments made by Dotson in 2015 were shared on Twitter, causing an uproar amongst fans, reported Page Six.

Dotson is reported to have spoken out against abortion as well, and his pro-life stance was conflated with the homophobic, anti-gay accusations. Fans reacted by calling the couple out on social media. Buzzfeed reported the couple blocked one of their reporters after they had inquired about the controversy through social media.

Page Six reported that Dotson said he’s neither “transphobic nor homophobic,” but doesn’t condone the lifestyle choice.

Brittany Responds to Her Pastor’s Remarks

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On the Watch What Happens Live Vanderpump Rules after show in January 2019, Brittany was asked about Dotson’s posts and she assured viewers that she supports the LGBTQ community. She also said Dotson “promised” her that his comments were not representative of his views. “He promised me that he was not that way and he was not saying anything about the community whatsoever,” Brittany said on the show. “I have known this man for years and if it was anything that I felt otherwise, I would never choose somebody like that.” Her full response is at the 2:00 mark.

At that point, Dotson was still going to officiate the wedding. In June 2019, just weeks before the wedding, the controversy resurfaced after the Buzzfeed story was posted. Since Vanderpump Rules films in summer, this is what we’ll see on the show. At the time, Brittany shot back on Twitter, telling everyone to butt out and that she was only focused on marrying the man she loves.

According to Us Weekly, Jax also tweeted that he didn’t know about Dotson’s past comments, telling a fan that Dotson had “always been kind” to him.

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