What Happens to Alayah on ‘The Bachelor’ Tonight? Does She Quit?

Alayah tonight

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This week is going to be a big one for Peter Weber’s seasons of The BachelorWe’ll start the episode with 16 women, and at the end of the week, there should be just six contestants left in the competition for Peter’s heart.

Peter hasn’t been very picky with who he lets come and go so far. In the first week, he was ready to let Hannah Brown stay on the show permanently, and then he recently allowed Alayah Benavidez to return to the show, giving her the group rose in front of the rest of the women.

So, how far will Alayah go this season? What happens to her tonight? Here’s what we know.

WARNING: SPOILERS for both this week’s episodes of The Bachelor follow!

Alayah Reportedly Left the Show on Her Own Accord

According to Reality Steve, Alayah left The Bachelor on her own accord, but he’s not sure if that is how it will be portrayed.

Before the rose ceremony tonight, Peter and Alayah will have a conversation, which culminates in her leaving the show. Reality Steve said on their podcast that he doesn’t know how it’ll be portrayed since no one in the house was on Alayah’s side.

“I have no idea if they’re gonna make it seem like Alayah wanted to leave after she felt she was attacked in the house, or if they’re gonna make it seem like Peter changed his mind and told her she should leave because him giving her the group rose when she came back caused too many problems,” Reality Steve said.

He goes on to say that the takeaway at the time of filming, which was back in early October 2019, was that Alayah felt like no one in the house was on her side, and she really just wanted out after the incident with Victoria F.

Alayah Was Already Eliminated Once

Last week on The Bachelor, Peter took the women on a 13-contestant group date, at which point the already-eliminated Alayah came back to tell Peter something about another contestant.

In a side conversation, Alayah revealed that she and Victoria P. were friends back in their pageant days, and Victoria P. had been lying the previous week, which had been one of the main reasons Alayah got sent home.

After that, Peter pulled both the women aside to ask them about the truth and ended up welcoming Alayah back to the season. On top of that, Peter gave Alayah the rose for the huge group date, even though she hadn’t been invited on that date before since she wasn’t even on the show at the time.

At that point, pretty much all the contestants were upset with Peter and Alayah, which probably leads to her leaving the competition on her own accord not even a few weeks later. It did not help matters that after all the drama with the rose, Alayah started drama with Victoria F. by telling everyone about the latter’s old boyfriend showing up on her one-on-one date with Peter.

Peter was then overwhelmed with the contestants telling him how upset they were with him. They were all sore and bruised from a group football date earlier in the day, and none of them had gotten the rose. Victoria P. told Peter he didn’t trust her and she was upset that he’d framed Alayah’s elimination as somehow her fault.

Peter looked exhausted by the end of the show, telling the producers the women weren’t happy with him.

“I just feel like I’m doing all of this all wrong, and I’m messing up,” he said.

The Bachelor airs on Monday nights at 8 p.m. ET/7 p.m. CT on ABC.

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