Has a Winner Spoiler for ‘The Bachelor’ Been Revealed?

Peter Weber and Hannah Ann Sluss The Bachelor


In recent years, Reality Steve has accurately spoiled a lot of endings for The Bachelor and Bachelorette shows. But has he revealed who wins season 24 and walks away with Peter Weber’s heart and a shiny new ring from Neil Lane? Read on to find out what we know, but be warned of spoilers.

SPOILER WARNING: This is your last chance, do not keep reading if you don’t want to be spoiled about who wins or does not win The Bachelor 2020.

A Winner Spoiler Has Not Been Revealed Yet

Peter Weber Debunks Juiciest 'Bachelor' Fan Theories: Hannah Brown, Pregnancies And MorePeter Weber just spilled a huge hint to how his "Bachelor" ending will play out! Pilot Pete confirmed to Access Hollywood he hasn’t heard his actual ending be spoiled, seemingly debunking theories over him being single or ending up with his former flame, Hannah Brown. The 28-year-old reality star also explained that he believes his…2020-02-07T10:00:04.000Z

Reality Steve has said that the final three are going to be Victoria Fuller, Madison Prewett, and Hannah Ann Sluss. He has also posted that the final two are Madison and Hannah Ann. But he has not yet come out with a spoiler for the finale.

What he has done is debunk one of the hottest current theories out there — that Peter is dating a producer.

A Reddit commenter recently posited that Peter ends up with Bachelor producer Julie LaPlaca based on the fact that she’s been seen on his social media. ABC senior vice president Robert Mills even stoked the fire by telling Entertainment Tonight, “I hate to get in the way of a good rumor, so I’m not going to confirm or deny about whether he ends up with a producer! I don’t know how we’d ever top that though!”

But according to Reality Steve, this theory “is garbage.” He adds that if the show were going to lean into this romance, they would have laid some groundwork for it.

“If Peter is with Julie, when did this happen? How did this happen? If the audience has never seen Julie’s face on the show, why would this be an ending anyone would care to see? They try and pitch a love story every season, right? 99.9% of their audience didn’t have a clue of Julie LaPlaca’s name before this weekend, let alone could pick her out of a lineup. Thus, they have zero investment in her. But she just shows up on final rose ceremony day, runs off with Peter, and the audience is supposed to be invested in that? C’mon people,” writes the reality TV blogger.

Peter himself recently debunked a few other theories — that he’s with Hannah Brown, that he got someone pregnant, or that he’s single. He insists that the real ending is still unspoiled.

“It’s hilarious, people are really good at speculating. I will say I haven’t heard the actual ending yet though from anyone,” says Peter in a recent Access Hollywood interview.

But There Are Two Bombshells Out There

Reality Steve recently confirmed two things — that Peter definitely has sex on the overnight dates and that Madison quits the show. Here are the details on those.

First, the sex. It’s not a huge shocker that Peter sleeps with at least one girl on the overnight dates — not after the big deal they’ve been making about the “four times in a windmill” shenanigans with Hannah Brown.

But the bigger shock is how it goes down. See, we know from previews that Madison is the girl who tells Peter it would be hard for her if he is intimate with someone else on the overnight dates — remember, she’s the one who told him she’s saving herself for marriage so that tracks.

So according to Reality Steve, after Peter sleeps with one or both of Victoria and Hannah Ann, Madison learns about it from the girls — not from Peter himself. It is highly unusual that the girls wouldn’t be kept in isolation at this point, but Reality Steve says this is the way it goes down.

Which then gives way to the second bombshell — Madison quits the show during the finale episode. It would make sense that she would do that if she has to hear about Peter’s sex life from the girls he had sex with. But apparently, she waits until after getting to spend time with his family during the finale episode, which might mean that the girl Peter’s mom is talking about when she cries and tells him to “bring her home” is Madison.

So does Peter go chasing after Madison and they leave a cliffhanger for the After the Final Rose reunion special? Perhaps. Reality Steve doesn’t know yet. What he does know is that the conversation the show has been teasing from the finale where Chris Harrison tells Peter something and then says, “I just thought you should know” is NOT about Madison quitting the show.

But we don’t know what that conversation is about yet either. All we do know is what Peter keeps reiterating about his state right now in the present day: “I can honestly say that I am happy right now, I am in a good spot.”

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