A-Rod & JLo ‘Flip the Switch’ in New TikTok Video: WATCH

a-rod tik top flip the switch video

TikTok A-Rod and JLo did a flip the switch video on TikTok.

Alex Rodriguez and his flame Jennifer Lopez posted a viral TikTok flip the switch video that is getting a lot of attention.

In it, J-Lo wears a skintight white dress as she writhes and turns around in a dance motion. A-Rod stands next to her, wearing sunglasses and filming the moment with a cell phone. Then they morph into each other.

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You can watch the video here.

And here on the original site:

It’s all part of the “Flip the Switch” challenge. According to Newsweek, the Flip the Switch challenge is a trending meme that started on TikTok and migrated to other social media platforms. The site reports that it derives from a Drake song “Nonstop,” which starts, “I just flipped the switch.”

However, some people weren’t that happy with the effort. “they didn’t even flip the switch,” wrote one. “i love it but it makes me mad they didn’t literally flip the switch,” wrote another. “you didn’t flip the switch bro,” concluded yet another Twitter user.

Here’s what you need to know:

Elizabeth Warren Recently Did the Flip the Switch Challenge Too

The way the challenge works is generally close to how A-Rod and JLo performed it. People dance in a mirror and then swap places. As CNN explained it, “When the rapper says ‘flip the switch,’ participants turn the lights off and back on only to have them reappear in switched clothes and traded places. Typically, one person is calmly holding the phone while the other is dancing.”

Former Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren famously performed the flip the switch challenge with her doppelganger Kate McKinnon of Saturday Night Live. Watch that video above.

A lot of people online have been doing the flip the switch challenge. Here are some of their videos:

You can read more about the relationship between Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez here. She frequently gushes about him on social media, writing on a recent Father’s Day, “Appreciating you and loving you today and everyday for being our fearless leader, our everyday hero, for making us all laugh and enjoy this adventure we are all on together in every moment… for being the ringmaster to this traveling circus we call our life!! We love you today and everyday… Happy Fathers Day to the most loving daddy to Tashi and Ella!! And thank you my love for being so beautifully loving to Emme and Max. Your kindness and generosity is never taken for granted. We are all so lucky to have you in our lives… #daddysday #amor #blinkingthetearsaway #lovehimlots.”

In 2018, she told Harper’s Bazaar, “I do believe in marriage. I would love to grow old with somebody in a committed relationship — but I’m not forcing anything right now.”

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