Is Agent Gibbs Mark Harmon Leaving NCIS in 2020? No.

Is Gibbs Leaving NCIS


Since the end of Season 16 of the CBS hit crime drama NCISthere have been conversations about whether or not Mark Harmon’s Agent Gibbs would be retiring or leaving the show soon. The answer, as far as we can tell, is not right now.

During Season 16, Episode 23 of NCIS, which was titled “Lost Time,” Gibbs had a discussion with his therapist regarding whether he was planning on retiring.

“What’s your end game, anyway?” she asked him. “If not prison or retirement, then how do you want all this to end for you? When will you ever be able to say ‘Mission Accomplished’?”

Gibbs responded that he owed too much to his team, and the therapist insinuated that he may only feel like he could leave in a hero’s sacrifice like jumping on a grenade to save his friends or team. He replied that he might like that.

Here’s what we know about when he’s leaving:

Gibbs Could Be Close To Retirement

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Now that we’re well into Season 17 of the show, Gibbs has gone through even more drama. Basically, up until mid-season, Gibbs had been dealing with the unexpected return of Ziva David, which led up to the fact that his neighbor Sarah being killed by Gibbs.

Executive producer Steven B. Binder told Cinema Blend that Gibbs could be getting close to his breaking point.

“I would say in that regard, this is a general statement about humanity and specific to Gibbs, there’s only so much one man can take,” he said “… he’s getting close to redlining. What that looks like, tune in.”

Fans have also theorized that Ziva could be up for replacing Gibbs. Neither CBS or NCIS executive producers have commented on the theory, though.

It’s likely CBS will keep Harmon on NCIS as long as possible since the show continually pulls strong ratings, averaging around 16 million viewers per episode, and it’s one of the most popular drama series on TV right now.

Fans Saw Abby Leave in 2018

When Abby (Pauley Perrette) left the show, fans had mixed reactions. She’d been on the show for a total of 15 seasons, and many fans missed the way she was near the beginning of the show. They said they liked “well-written” Abby, but some weren’t fans of her near the end of her arc.

After leaving the show, Perrette said that her reason for leaving the show was that she was terrified of co-star Mark Harmon. She’d said at the time that she’d been the victim of multiple physical assaults. In a video posted by ABC News, there are now-deleted tweets shown that show black eyes and other evidence of physical assault to herself and NCIS crew members.

At the time, CBS released a statement saying “Over a year ago, Pauley came to us with a workplace concern. We took the matter seriously and we worked with her to find a resolution.”

In addition to working on NCIS, Harmon is now working as an executive producer for a new CBS series called Prey. The show is the adaptation of novels of the same name, and it will focus on a homicide detective.

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