Amber Fiedler on ‘American Idol’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Amber fiedler American Idol

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Amber Fiedler is one of many hopefuls for Season 18 of ABC’s American IdolHer audition in front of the judges is possibly one of the most memorable of the season since Katy Perry gushed about the fact that Fiedler was very pregnant at the time.

Fiedler performed for judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan. Her family accompanied her to the audition, where she sang “Trust in Me” by Etta James.

The judges all clapped for her when she was done singing. Because the video of the audition was released prior to the episode, we know that (SPOILER) Fiedler got the Golden Ticket to Hollywood, but Hollywood Week was scheduled for only one week after her due date.

Here’s what you should know about Amber Fiedler:

1. She Was 38 Weeks Pregnant During Her ‘Idol’ Audition

Powerful Adoption Decision and Audition Has the Judges Feeling Emotional – American Idol 2020 on ABCA 23-year-old auditioner from Idaho shares her decision about placing her baby up for adoption with Katy Perry, Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie. Hear Amber Fiedler's powerful story and then see her amazing audition when she performs “Trust in Me” by Etta James. See more of American Idol 2020 on our official site: Like…2020-03-14T13:30:02.000Z

During her audition for American Idol, Fiedler showed off her large baby bump to the judges, prompting Perry to ask her how far along she was. When she responded that she was 38 weeks, Perry looked shocked and said “we could have a live birth right here!”

“Do you know what sex it is?” Perry asked her while fiddling with some papers.

“It’s a girl,” Fiedler replied. After she sang for the judges, Bryan laughed at how good it was, joking that she sang that well “with a foot in her rib.”

2. Fiedler Said She Would Place Her Baby For Adoption

Also during her audition with the judges, Fiedler explained that she didn’t have a name picked out for her baby since she would be placing her up for adoption.

When the judges asked about how she came to that decision, the video cut to Fiedler explaining everything that has been going on in her life that helped her reach her ultimate decision.

“The last few years I was going out, and you know, drinking a bunch. I was getting caught up in life,” she said. “With this pregnancy, I’ve learned who I was as a person, I’ve had time to sit and think, and looking at the big picture of life, there’s days when I don’t even have $20 in my pocket. If I’m not ready to be a mom, why would I put her through that?”

She said she’s already chosen a family who will be able to give the baby girl everything that she wants.

Fiedler also added that it would be an open adoption, so the baby would be able to know her.

3. She Was Raised by Her Grandmother

“It was definitely hard growing up,” Fiedler said in the released video. She said her mom was a user and her grandmother was the one who raised her.

Now, she and her mother are close and working on building a relationship. She said that her mother is now clean and that they really need each other at this point in their lives.

“Having the time to really think and reflect on my life, the baby, she saved me. She really did,” Fiedler said.

Judge Lionel Richie told her that she’s a very strong person and she made an adult decision about the adoption.

4. Fiedler Is Involved in Community Theater

View this post on Instagram

Names Bonnie Parker.. pleased to meet ya ?

A post shared by Amber Fiedler ❁☼ (@amberfiedler) on Jun 21, 2019 at 7:52am PDT

Looking through Fiedler’s Instagram page, it’s easy to tell that she has always been a lover of music and theater. She has recently starred in a few different productions, most recently having wrapped up her role as Bonnie in Bonnie and Clyde: The Musical.

She has also portrayed Charity in Sweet Charity, Marta in Company and Diana in A Chorus Line. The director for Sweet Charity praised Fiedler for her voice and overall talent, telling in 2018 that she found her very early in the audition process.

“Amber is immensely talented for someone of her age,” Director Brooke Wood said. “She’s got a beautiful voice, and in fact I think she sings some of the songs better than some of the originals because her voice is so amazing.”

5. She’s a Featured Artist on Hip-Hop Tracks

Fiedler is a featured artist on two hip-hop tracks that have been released on YouTube to hundreds of views by artist Naive. The tracks are “Lust or Love” and “Solo.”

Fiedler was also one of the contestants to appear in Idol’s Oscar’s Commercial where some of the hopefuls rode a bus together and sang “Tiny Dancer.” The bus, which was shown to be driven by host Ryan Seacrest, was full of talented performers who made it to Hollywood Week.

Tune in to American Idol to watch Fiedler’s audition. Hollywood Week begins to air on Monday, March 16, 2020.

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