Amber Portwood’s Ex Matt Baier Doesn’t Believe Machete-Wielding Report

Matt Baier

MTV Matt Baier, who was engaged to "Teen Mom OG" star Amber Portwood didn't believe the machete-wielding report.

Former Teen Mom OG star Matt Baier came to Amber Portwood’s defense after she was accused of wielding a machete in July 2019 during a violent altercation with ex-boyfriend Andrew Glennon. Matt and Amber famously dated for years, before Amber finally called off the engagement in 2017.

Despite their failed relationship, Baier maintained that Amber was a good mother and the shocking police report sounded unlikely. Andrew was holding his and Amber’s 1-year-old son, James, when the incident occurred.

Amber Would Never Harm Her Kids, He Claimed

They had their share of arguments, but Matt told TMZ that Amber would never risk her child’s safety. “Nope, never. I mean, we had some arguments but no, I never had an experience where she went after me with a machete,” he told the publication.

Matt and Amber hadn’t been in contact, and he noted there are two sides to every story. He found it unlikely that things could have escalated that she would attack Andrew with a machete, though if it happened in front of James, Matt admitted that would be “horrible.”

“The Amber that I know was a wonderful mother. She would never put her children in harm’s way,” he said. “Of course, if this happened in front of the baby, it’s horrible.”

The Boston native added: “I wasn’t there. I don’t know what happened. Amber is a loving mother.”

Matt Said Amber Can Be Volatile

Matt told The Ashley that Amber can be hard to get along with. “People want to ask me if Amber is violent,” Matt said. “Is she naturally violent? No. But I will say that Amber is very, very tough to bring down once she’s crossed a certain threshold.”

“When Amber gets past a certain point even just during an argument, she’s going to say things, horrible things,” he continued. “You’re going to hear things you don’t want anyone ever saying to you.”

Matt claimed her fury is short-lived. “I never saw her at that level of anger for more than about 15 minutes. Once it’s over, it’s over and it would be like nothing ever happened,” he told the blog.

Matt wouldn’t tell The Ashley if she was ever violent with him, but Teen Mom cameras caught Amber assaulting then-boyfriend Gary Shirley.

In the beginning, Amber initially denied the machete incident to psychologist Dr. Drew Pinsky. “I opted out of drug court a long time ago to put myself in prison to help myself,” she said, referring to her years of legal drama.

“You haven’t heard shit from me since then. I haven’t got in trouble one time. But all of a sudden, I’m running after my kid and [Andrew] with a machete?” Amber said. “You’re insane.”

She later pleaded guilty to domestic battery and intimidation.

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