‘American Idol’ 2020 Contestants Who Get Eliminated During Hollywood Week

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ABC’s American Idol is picking up steam going into the second round of Hollywood Week, which is the duets. After the solo round, there will only be 40 contestants left going into the Showcase Round.

The show features judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan. Joining the judges and contestants are long-time Idol host Ryan Seacrest and in-house mentor Bobby Bones.

WARNING: Spoilers for Hollywood Week and the top 40 contestants on the 2020 season of American Idol follow. Read at your own risk. 

The top 40 contestants in the 2020 season of American Idol consist of 23 women and 17 men. The top 40 performers were sent to Hawaii to perform in the Showcase Round where half of them were sent home. Live shows were set to begin at that point, which would have been at some point in April, but the shows will likely be postponed or canceled.

Here’s what we know about who was eliminated during Hollywood Week and which contestants made it through to the Showcase round:

Who Was Eliminated During Hollywood Week?

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Going into Hollywood Week, there were plenty of contestants for the judges to consider. Seventy of those contestants were shown on the screen. Here’s a list of all the contestants who did not make it through to the Showcase Round:

Adam Curry
Anna Carmela
Avery Kern
Erin Kirbi
Esa Ruiz
Evan Kuriga
Gabby Moreno
Hannah Sattler
Jimmy Levy
Jovin Webb
Julia Minichiello
Landen Starkman
Madison Lewis
Madison Page
Margie Mays
Michael Champion
Michael Wingate
Peyton Aldridge
Riah Butler
Sarah Isen
Shanaya Lee
Talin Everett

It’s not clear at which point in Hollywood week each of these contestants were cut, but they will all be sent home sometime during the episodes airing on Sunday, March 22 and Monday, March 23.

Which ‘Idol’ Contestants Made it to the Showcase Round?

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The following contestants made it through the infamous Hollywood Week round into the Top 40 contestants. All 40 went to Hawaii with the judges in order to perform in the Showcase round. The showcase round episodes air on Sunday, March 29 and Monday, March 30. From there, the schedule for the Idol season has yet to be announced.

Aliana Jester
Amber Fiedler
Amelia Joyce
Bilaal Avaz
Cameron Havens
Cyniah Elise
DemiRae “Demi” Moreno
Devon Alexander
DeWayne Crocker, Jr.
Dibesh Pokharel (A.K.A. Arthur Gunn)
Dillon James
Elyjuh René
Emma Valentine
Faith Becnel
Francisco Martin
Franklin Boone
Geena Fontanella
Genavieve Linkowski
Grace Leer
Grace Lundy
Jeb VonderBruegge
Jonny West
Jordan Jones
Jovin Webb
Julia Gargano
Kimmy Gabriela
Lauren Mascitti
Lauren Spencer-Smith
Louis “Louie” Knight
Makayla Brownlee
Makayla Phillips
Natalie Jane
Nick Merico
Olivia Ximines
Perrin York
Rob Taylor
Samantha “Sam” Diaz (A.K.A. Just Sam)
Shannon Gibbons
Sophia Wackerman
Travis Finlay

Most of the above contestants have been featured so far, but some are still unfamiliar and will likely be fleshed out more. Thanks to the edit, it seems as though some of the above singers are definitely front-runners going into the top 20 performances. For instance. Louis Knight and Francisco Martin had their auditions, solo performances and duet performances aired while some other contestants have had no air time at all.

Another contestant to watch is Lauren Mascitti, who has been featured pretty heavily, along with Jonny West who originally auditioned alongside his girlfriend, Margie Mays. She does not make it to the top 20 this season, so that’s likely to be some type of storyline shown.

Tune in to American Idol on Sunday and Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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