‘American Idol’ Spoilers 2020: The Hollywood Week Top 70 Contestants List

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ABC’s American Idol begins to air on Monday, March 16, 2020. At the end of the first two Hollywood Rounds and going into the last solo round, there will be around 70 contestants left in the competition.

The Hollywood Week of Season 18 will last for three rounds and include two solo performances along with one duet where the contestants will perform in front of judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and Luke Bryan.

In all three cases, contestants will choose which songs they’d like to perform for themselves, so they’re not being constrained too much at this point in the competition.

WARNING: Spoilers for Season 18 of American Idol follow. Read at your own risk. 

Here’s what we know about who makes it to the top 70, per MJs Big Blog.

Male Performers

These are the male performers who make it far in Hollywood week and will most likely not be cut prior to the final solo round:

Nick Merico
Travis Finlay
Rob Taylor
Jimmy Levy
Dewayne Crocker
Landen Starkman
Franklin Boone
Louis Knight
Talin Everett
Michael Wingate
Michael Champion
Devon Alexander
Avery Kern
Jonny West
Elyjuh Rene
Cameron Havins
Jovin Webb
Dillon James
Adam Curry
Esa Ruiz
Perrin York
Francisco Martin
Peyton Aldridge
Jeb Vonderbruegge
Evan Kuriga
Bilaal Avaz

Female Performers

Here are the female performers who will be performing late into Hollywood week, in no particular order:

Makayla Phillips
Lauren Spencer Smith
Julia Gargano
Grace Leer
Madison Lewis
Gabby Moreno
Margie Mays
Riah Butler
Just Sam
Shannon Gibbons
Shanaya Lee
Genavieve Linkowski
Alaina Jester
Olivia Ximines
Amber Fiedler
Kimmy Gabriela
Sarah Isen
Grace Lundy
Julia Minichiello
Lauren Mascitti
Faith Becnel
Hannah Sattler
Anna Carmela
Geena Fontanella
Madison Page
Erin Kirbi
Aliana Jester

‘American Idol’ Hollywood Week 2020 Format

There have been some major changes to the usual Hollywood Week format for this season of Idol. The first change takes place before the first episode will air; the episode will cover the genre challenge, which will allow each contestant to choose a genre they identify with, and then they’re allowed to choose whichever song they’d like to perform within that challenge.

The second round of Hollywood Week will air on Sunday, March 22. It will see the contestants take part in an all-new duets portion of the competition. Previously, the second round of Hollywood Week has been a group performance. This year, though, the contestants will choose someone they’d like to work with, and together, they’ll choose a song, arrange it in any way they would like and then perform it for the judges.

The duet challenge brings about a strategic complication for the contestants. If they choose someone who they think is worse than them to make themselves look better, then they may run into issues with the judges thinking they took the easy way out.

For the third and final round of Hollywood Week, which is where the above contestants should all be performing, the contestants will get their first chance to perform solo with the backing of an entire band.

Tune in to American Idol on Sundays and Mondays to see how far these contestants make it in the season.

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