April Fools’ Jokes & Pranks on Boyfriends & Girlfriends 2020

April Fools

Getty Try these tricks to pull great 2020 April Fools' prank on your boyfriend or girlfriend (or husband or wife).

Depending on where you are in the U.S., you might have been quarantining with your significant other for some time. With everyone working from home and isolating from others, many people are losing track of the days, and it might make it easier to prank your partner with an April Fools’ Day joke. From lying about a pregnancy to sending an “accidental” text. These are some of the tricks you can play on your significant other.

Yarn Your Home

You could always make a glitter bomb by putting a bunch of glitter in a tightly sealed envelope, but then you’ll also have to be the one to clean it up. Another shocking but easier way to prank someone is with yarn. You can make your apartment, bedroom or home look like there are lasers going throughout the house, but instead of lasers, you use yarn. This would be best to do when the victim is out or when they are sleeping. You can use tape to stick the yarn or string to the walls, and then keep going until there’s nothing left.

Another option is to use plastic wrap throughout the house. Most prankers have heard about putting plastic wrap on the toilet bowl, but that creates another mess that you will probably have to clean up. Instead, you can just plastic wrap everything else, like the refrigerator, the kitchen table, the couch or really any furniture. It will take some effort and the clean up will certainly not be that easy, but it’s a good alternative to having to clean up a bathroom mess. Another good option could be to plastic wrap the doorway—this way when the person wakes up in the morning to go to the bathroom or the kitchen, they’ll walk right into the trap without realizing.

Use Their Phone Against Them

If that’s too much physical work, you can always opt for some tricks with their phone. If you’re the type of couple who knows each other’s passwords, you can do a lot of damage by sending out weird text messages to people in your partner’s contact list. You can write something completely silly, share a weird movie quote or ask something embarrassing, like a question about a weird smell.

If you don’t have access to each other’s passcodes, you could send them an “accidental” text message. This one could be tricky considering the nature of your relationship. Say your partner’s name is Chris. If you send something like, “Hey, Jay. I’m going to tell Chris about us tonight,” Chris might either be relieved or annoyed about the prank when you scream April Fools!

There’s always the old pregnancy gag. Depending on how aware your partner is about April Fools’ Day, it might work depending on your believability. If you can find a sonogram online and Photoshop it with your name, that might help with the prank.

If none of those are things you think might work, you can hide their phone or laptop. Most people who have to work from home rely on their phones and computers for work, so waking up for the day without their equipment could really freak them out.

Good luck, and Happy April Fools’ Day!

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