April Fools’ Pranks To Do at Home for the Family


For April Fools’ Day 2020, many people are going to be spending the day at home with their families. Because of the social distancing and isolation required for the holiday during the coronavirus outbreak, a lot of people will just be spending the day at home. So if you’re at home with family, here’s a look at April Fools’ pranks that you can play at home for your family members.

Here Are Fun April Fools’ Jokes to Play on Family

Here are some fun April Fools’ jokes you can play on your family while you’re all cooped up together during the coronavirus outbreak.

1.) Grab one of your family member’s phones and send prank texts to other family members, especially other people in the house. That can be a lot of fun and break up some of the monotony, as long as you keep it lighthearted.

2.) Move some common objects to odd locations around the home. Put the water bottles in a strange location. Move the Keurig coffee maker into the bathroom. Just choose some really odd places to put things.

3.) Put tape under remote control sensors or mouse sensors so they don’t work. Then laugh when your family gets frustrated.

4.) Set up some water bottles around the washing machine and then tell your parents that water is coming out of the washing machine. That’s an innocent, cute joke, but sometimes those are the best when so many serious things are happening right now.

5.) If you have a celebrity who looks a lot like you, then print out photos of the celebrity. Replace your own photos in family picture frames with photos of the celebrity. It’s a fun way to surprise family members that you might be social isolating with on April Fools’ Day.

6.) Put a fine layer of salt or sugar on the inside rim of a glass of water. Then watch whoever drinks from the glass be very confused

7.) If you’re a parent, put a funny or embarrassing temporary tattoo on your child while they’re asleep. This is perfect for deep sleepers. Maybe try “I love Justin Bieber” on your teenage son, for example.

8.) Food pranks are always fun, as long as you’re not wasting something that you really need in your “quarantine reserve” right now. One prank would be to put a straw in a cup of Jello and then let the Jello set overnight. In the morning, pretend it’s juice and watch your kid struggle to drink it.

9.) Pour a jar of nail polish onto a piece of wax paper and leave the brush and bottle in the puddle. Let it dry and then cut out the excess paper. Leave it in an obvious place, like on a family member’s keyboard. They’ll be confused and upset thinking there was a big nail polish spill on their keyboard, when it was really just an elaborate prank that you put together.

10.) Cut out photos of insects and tape them or attach them to the inside of lampshades. When the lamps are turned on, it will look like bugs are hanging out on the shades.

11.) Put jelly beans in the ice dispenser and watch your unsuspecting family member’s surprise.

The key is to be creative and also tasteful while playing jokes this year. Everyone’s feeling really stressed from what’s going on in the world right now, so avoid any pranks that call attention to the virus or spread misinformation. Instead, focus on more lighthearted pranks that you and your family can get a nice laugh out of to help you through the day.

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