April Fools’ Day Pranks & Ideas While Social Distancing for Coronavirus


April Fools’ Day is upon us but it’s going to look very different in a COVID-19 world. With social distancing in place and so many people working from home, it might be a little tougher than normal to pull off a great April Fools’ prank. But everyone still needs a good laugh today, so here’s a look at some April Fools’ pranks and ideas that you might try while social distancing for coronavirus.

Rick Roll Someone

It’s a classic joke that we’ve seen a lot, but let’s be honest: a good, old-fashioned Rick Roll would be a really nice change of pace these days.

Pretend You Can’t Turn Off Your Video Filter

Turn on a filter during a video conference and pretend you can’t turn it off. Sure, it’s a little silly, but we could all use some silly fun right about now.

Plant a Fake Spider

If you’re social distancing but you’re still at home with family, then try the classic joke of planting a fake spider near someone’s pillow or where they’ll be sitting and watching TV. If you don’t have an old plastic spider, you can even get some yarn and shape it to look like one.

Replace Your Photos with Your Celebrity Doppelganger

If you have a celebrity who looks a lot like you, then print out photos of the celebrity and switch them out with photos of you that are in frames around your home. It’s a fun way to surprise family members that you might be social isolating with today.

You could also switch out your profile photos on your social media accounts for a celebrity who looks a lot like you and see if anyone notices. Run it through a filter to try to make the photo look a little more like you and include some kind of caption acting like the person is you. Then watch and see how many people are fooled.

Fake a Nail Polish Spill

Pour a jar of nail polish onto a piece of wax paper and leave the brush and bottle in the puddle. Let it dry and then cut out the excess paper. Leave it in an obvious place, like on a family member’s keyboard.

Rub Salt or Sugar on a Glass of Water

Rub salt or sugar on the edge of a glass of water (or even cut a jalapeno open and do the same.) Then watch whoever drinks the glass be very confused. Of course, this is another that only works if you’re self-isolating with family members.

Pretend That You’re Typing Forever

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You know how seeing those three dots can be really frustrating as you wait for someone to respond to a text? Well, today why not pretend that you’re typing forever? Keep those three dots going for a really long time, and then end them by just replying with one word or an emoji. Do that over and over all day long. Or get a three dots GIF and send that instead.

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