Ashley Martson & Jay Smith Are ‘Working’ on Having a Baby ‘in the Future’

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Jay Smith/Ashley Martson/YouTube "90 Day Fiance" stars Jay Smith and Ashley Martson talked about having a baby after getting back together during the coronavirus pandemic.

90 Day Fiance stars Jay Smith and Ashely Martson talked about having a baby after getting back together during the coronavirus pandemic. The on-again, off-again couple has had a tumultuous relationship, where they battled cheating, lying and betrayals.

After reconciling, the couple took to YouTube on Thursday to talk about their future. Martson, 33, has two children from another relationship and is hoping to have a baby with 22-year-old Smith.

“As far as kids, we’re working on that,” Smith said. “We really don’t really have no plan, not as yet, but we are working on that.” Marston added: “That’s in the future. We’re working on more things, more important [things] right now.”

Martson chose not to show her children on TV or social media—save some rare appearances— but she wanted her followers to know they are happy to see Martson back with Smith. “They’re good,” she said in the YouTube Q&A. “They like Jay. Jay’s kind of like a big kid. So that’s not an issue. The kids are good.” The Jamaican native added, “The kids [missed] me. We’re having a lot of fun.”

Smith, whose real name is Conroy St. Christopher Smith, joked that 2025 might be a better year for them to welcome a baby. Marston agreed that “maybe then” it would work out.

The baby talk is much different from what Martson told Radar Online in February 2019. At the time, she said Smith wasn’t ready to be a father. “Jay is not in the position [to become a dad] at all,” she said. She talked about potentially using a surrogate if she was in the right place financially.

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Why Marston Has Forgiven Smith for Cheating

Martson also talked about how she was able to forgive Smith for his infidelity. “I feel, like, if you have trouble in your marriage or your relationship and you choose to try it again, you have to tell yourself before you get back in that relationship that ‘the past is the past,’”  she said in the 15-minute video. “You chose to forgive for what they did in the past.”

She added, “So you need to remember that, because obviously our minds wonder about things and we just have to tell ourselves, ‘Hey, listen. You forgave. So, the past is the past.’”

Smith added it was important for him to “fight” for his marriage with Martson. “At the end of the day, I came here for her,” the 22-year-old said. “I don’t want to come to America and be with somebody else. I wanna be with her. So, I choose to fight for my relationship because I want to be in her life, I want to be there [for] her hard times and I want [her] to be there for my hard times as well.”

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Marston Filed For Divorce Twice Before Their Reconciliation

Smith and Martson reconnected on March 23 after a five-month separation. She posted a TikTok video that showed her dancing along, and then Smith kissing her in the next shot. “Damn, maybe this quarantine isn’t so bad after all,” she captioned the video.

Smith and Martson married in May 2018 and Smith’s cheating scandal emerged shortly after.

Their reconciliation has survived Smith’s ICE detainment over the Fourth of July, Martson filing for divorce on two separate occasions and getting a restraining order against Smith. During that time, Smith had a relationship with Kayla O’Brien.

While their reconciliation might seem shocking to some, Martson and Smith have always maintained they still had love for each other. “She’s my first wife, so I’m still going to have that soft spot in my heart for her no matter what,” he told In Touch Weekly in a February 19 interview. “I just can’t deal with her.”

The 11-year age gap never bothered him. “To me, age is just a number,” Smith said. “[Ashley] has a good heart. I got a good heart. I was just playing a game, I couldn’t take it [anymore].”

In December, Ashley shared a post to Instagram that showed her crying. “To this day I still hurt. I still love him. I just have come to terms with the fact it’s over and I’m gonna be okay,” she wrote, according to E! Online. The post has since been deleted.

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