Astronaut on ‘The Masked Singer’ Clues & Guesses So Far 3/18/2020

The Masked Singer Astronaut

FOX The Masked Singer: The Astronaut in the “It Never Hurts to Mask: Group C Playoffs” episode of THE MASKED SINGER airing Wednesday, March 18 (8:00-9:01 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

The Masked Singer season 3 episode 8 featured the second performances and clue packages from the Group C contestants, including the Astronaut.

Read on for the top clues we’ve learned about the Astronaut’s identity so far, and leading guesses for who might be under the mask.

‘The Masked Singer’ Astronaut Clues

Space was the theme of the Astronaut’s episode 7 clue package took place in a rocketship; major visual clues were the solar system, a broom, and a toolbox. The clue package also included key phrases like “far from home,” “heart-throbbing,” code blue,” “hungering,” and “not a pitch-perfect landing.”

After the Astronaut performed for the first time, he told Nick Cannon that he chose to perform as the Astronaut because “Well, people say the sky’s the limit, but when you’re an astronaut, the sky’s just the beginning. Even though I started at a young age, I feel like I’m just getting started.” Was the Astronaut a child star? It certainly seems like it.

At the start of his episode 8 clue package, the Astronaut said “I’m loving this fresh start as the circle of life keeps spinning.” Later, he revealed some personal information, saying that at one time in his life, he was “wandering for 500 days, using sign language until I found my own voice.”

Major visual clues that stood out in the video were the Orion’s Belt constellation on a white flag, a bouquet of colorful balloons, a french horn, a mountain range, and a red emergency button.

Before beginning his second performance, he said he was going to “sing a song from a dear friend.” The song he chose was “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” by Stevie Wonder. Is the celebrity beneath the mask a friend of legendary recording artist Stevie Wonder?

For his yearbook quote, the Astronaut said “We can all reach the stars. Sometimes it just takes a little help from an organized crime family.” Maybe the man beneath the mask is an actor who has played the role of a mobster in the past?

The Astronaut on ‘The Masked Singer’ Guesses

Fans on Twitter were convinced that the Astronaut’s beautiful singing voice matched country music star Hunter Hayes even before episode 7 aired, and doubled down on that guess as the judges wondered if he might instead be Josh Hutcherson, Lance Bass, or Zac Efron.

Ken Jeong guessed that the Astronaut is Donald Glover aka Childish Gambino, guest judge Joel McHale guessed Corey Feldman, and Robin Thicke guessed Joseph Gordon Levitt.

When The Masked Singer asked “Who’s on a mission as #AstronautMask?” on Twitter after the Astronaut’s second performance, viewers stayed firm with their guess that the Astronaut is Hunter Hayes.

[BEWARE OF SPOILERS] UPDATE: At the end of the episode, the Swan was eliminated and unmasked, revealing Bella Thorne as the celebrity behind the mask. This means that the Astronaut will perform again next week, competing for a spot in the “Super 9.” Episode 9 will feature new clues and guesses to hopefully help us figure out who the Astronaut is. Until then, keep guessing!

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