‘Bachelor in Paradise’ 2020 Cast Predictions for Season 7

Bachelor in Paradise 2020

ABC "Bachelor in Paradise" is expected to return with its seventh season in late Summer 2020.

As The Bachelor season 24 approaches its dramatic conclusion, fans are looking ahead to Bachelor in Paradise season 7. The new season isn’t expected to premiere until late Summer 2020, so don’t expect an official cast list to be revealed any time soon. Nevertheless, there are already a number of fan favorites and predictions for which “Bachelor Nation” alums will be heading to paradise.

Read of for some of the names fans predict you’ll be hearing when the Bachelor in Paradise season 7 cast is announced.

Natasha & Kelley From ‘The Bachelor’ Season 24 Are Top Picks From Fans for ‘BIP’

While fans were largely disappointed in the cast of contestants for The Bachelor season 24, Natasha Parker and Kelley Flanagan stood out as fan favorites that many are hoping will continue their on-screen journeys to romance in paradise.

We wouldn’t be surprised if Mykenna Dorn from season 24 ends up in Paradise, too. Her bubbly personality would shine as a BIP cast member, and her exit interview from The Bachelor painted her in a positive light that would have viewers rooting for her to find love on the dramatic spinoff show.

Victoria Fuller is another contestant many on Twitter have been saying seems perfect for BIP; however, the controversies she’s found herself at the center of since The Bachelor started airing have us wondering if the franchise will try to distance themselves from her reputation. If that is the case, don’t expect her to be offered a spot in paradise.

Bachelorette alum Garrett Powell thinks Victoria has a shot. He tweeted “This is where Victoria F starts her #BachelorInParadise campaign #TheBachelor.”

Fans Want to See Demi Behind the Bar With Wells for ‘BIP’ Season 7

Although he wouldn’t be appearing as a contestant, fans are hopeful that Wells Adam will be back behind the bar as the cast’s pseudo-therapist for season 7 of Bachelor in Paradise. And what season of any Bachelor franchise show would be complete without a Demi Burnett cameo, at least?

It’s unlikely that Burnett would return as a contestant – not only did her season 6 BIP engagement fall through, but she’s currently in a relationship with Slater Davis. Nevertheless, fans hope to see her join Wells as his barback. One user tweeted “Can @demi_burnet be a bartender with @WellsAdams on #bachelorinparadise ? Both guys and girls have a counterpart to confide in. She’s so confident well spoken and a reoccurring face each season that we enjoy.”

Clare Crawley’s ‘Bachelorette’ Season May Bring an Older Group of Men to Paradise

After Clare Crawley was announced as the season 16 Bachelorette star, viewers took to Twitter to wonder how that decision will impact the Bachelor in Paradise season 7 cast. Since Crawley is 39 years old, her contestants will presumably be around her age to give her the best shot at finding love. Does this mean that her jilted contestants that end up on BIP will be older than usual?

Sarah Elizabeth tweeted “I just feel bad for @Clare_Crawley rejects that are gonna have to be on #BIP #bachelorinparadise with Peters rejects. Like I wonder what their babysitting fees are gonna be? #TheBachelorette #TheBachelor.”

Ashley Berset shared a similar sentiment, writing “Kind of excited to have mature adults on #TheBachelorette but boy will that make for a weird & interesting #BachelorinParadise.”

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