‘The Bachelor’ Winner 2020: Why Fans Think Hannah Ann Sluss Won

The Bachelor Hannah Ann Sluss


Hannah Ann Sluss has been a frontrunner on The Bachelor season 24 since night one — she got the first impression rose, remember? Peter Weber obviously saw something that gave him an instant attraction to and connection with her. So it’s no surprise that she’s in the final two. But there are a few big clues that fans have seized on that they think indicate she is absolutely going to win the whole thing.

Read on to find out what they are, but be warned of spoilers.

SPOILER ALERT: Do not keep reading if you don’t want to know why Hannah Ann may win the whole thing on The Bachelor this season. You have been warned.

Did Lauren Zima Spill the Beans?

The most recent thing that has fans in a frenzy is a since-deleted tweet from Lauren Zima, who is an Entertainment Tonight host and is also the girlfriend of Bachelor host Chris Harrison. During the Fantasy Suite episode last week, she tweeted (and quickly deleted) a post that read:

“Peter: ‘I know what I have with Hannah Ann: she’s someone I will be able to lean on always, 100% through the good and bad times and it is the absolute best feeling in the world.’ …HOW DOES HE NOT PICK HANNAH ANN THEN?!”

Fans immediately became convinced that this means he doesn’t actually pick Hannah Ann. But Zima explained in her replies that she actually meant it seems impossible that he doesn’t pick her.

“I deleted it because it was confusingly worded on my part,” wrote Zima. “I meant more along the lines of ‘how could he possibly not pick Hannah Ann after all this when he is saying they’re 100% going to be there for each other forever’ – does that make sense? Hard to say in written word.”

So, that may not be the smoking gun that everyone was hoping it was. However…

Hannah Ann and Peter May Have Been Facetiming and Hanging Out Together


Fans have also cited two other pieces of social media that they say prove the two of them have been hanging out since filming wrapped.

The first is TikTok user Lilly Sitver posting a video in December 2019 that she says showed Hannah Ann making a video call with a man that Sitver says sounded like Peter.

You can’t see who Hannah Ann is talking to in the post, but the girl in question is most definitely Hannah Ann. Plus, there is some Instagram evidence to suggest she was at the acai place on the day in question in with her sister, Haley. The only problem is that without being able to see her phone screen or hear the video call, no one has any way of knowing if she was talking to Peter.

But in an Instagram story posted by Hannah Ann’s friend where Hannah Ann talks about getting duped into eating black cherry ice cream, a voice off-camera that sounds a lot like Peter can be heard saying “same” and laughing in the background.

There is also the rather tenuous social media “golf-gate” posts, wherein fans think Peter and Hannah Ann have been sharing a golf bag. But even if that one doesn’t hold water, the other two are some decent hints that Hannah Ann is going to win Peter’s heart.

SPOILER ALERT: Major spoilers ahead for the finale, so stop reading if you don’t want anything past lighter spoilers.

There’s Also the Fact that Madison Prewett Apparently Quits the Show

PeterTells Madison He's Been "Intimate" With Other Women – The Bachelor 2020The Bachelor Peter Weber Season 24 Episode 9 (Fantasy Overnight Dates)2020-02-24T15:09:29.000Z

Madison and Hannah Ann are definitely Peter’s final two ladies. But the rumor is that Madison quits the show once they’re into the finale. So that would also indicate that Hannah Ann probably wins because who else is left?

The only wild card is that Reality Steve has said he knows for sure that the flash-forward where host Chris Harrison delivers some major news to Peter during the finale is not about Madison quitting the show. So what is it about?

We have a theory that is based on nothing more than conjecture, but Kelley Flanagan and Natasha Parker were both conspicuously absent from the Women Tell All taping. What if the bombshell news has to do with one of them? Could they possibly come back to throw a wrench in the works during the finale?

That would explain why Harrison and Peter have both said the season won’t really be over during the finale and that the real resolution will come during After the Final Rose.

But viewers will just have to wait and see how it all shakes out. The Women Tell All airs Monday, March 2 at 8 p.m. ET/PT, followed by the two-night finale and After the Final Rose on Monday, March 9 and Tuesday, March 10 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.

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