Bear Grylls Accidentally Flashes Penis During Instagram Livestream

Getty Bear Grylls

Edward Michael Grylls, famously known as Bear Grylls, host of National Geographic’s Hostile Planet docu-series, took a skinny dip while live streaming on Instagram Tuesday morning.

While running around naked isn’t considered a crazy fete for the wildlife adventure expert, Running Wild is literally in his job title, Grylls didn’t realize until hours later that during his dive into the water, he flashed his naked manhood to his 3 million followers.

Grylls removed the video once he realized the clip was NSFW, and not aligned with Instagram’s publishing rules, but not before thousands of people became privy to his naked body. During the live stream, the 45-year-old survivalist dove into a lake wearing nothing but socks, which also stood out to viewers like a curious decision.

With his manhood completely blurred out, the Daily Mail captured the video before it was deleted from Grylls’ page.

Bear Grylls Was Stark Naked When He Proposed To His Wife Shara

Grylls proved that he can’t do anything without infusing a little extreme adventure into his life after describing the wild approach he took to proposing to his wife Shara.

In an interview with Piers Morgan, Grylls revealed that he popped the question while skinny dipping with the woman who would become his fiancée and that he kept the engagement ring a secret by hiding it in his bum.

“I pulled out the ring from my butt cheeks,” Grylls recalled. “I remember kneeling on the beach… She was standing there going, ‘What are you doing?’ She was in a towel and a massive Atlantic roller came and I went, ‘Will you…’ – and it went – took me up the beach. I had all the seaweed and I was spinning around. So I tried it again and in this sort of moment of heavy sedation she said yes.”

The longtime couple will celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary in 2020.

Grylls Once Accidentally Sent a Nude Photo To BBC Presenter Dermot O’Leary

Also in his Life Stories interview, Grylls revealed he accidentally sent a nude picture to his friend, fellow TV presenter Dermot O’Leary.

Grylls said, “We own this little island in North Wales and there’s a great cliff jump into the sea and I do this every morning to be honest when I’m up there and before anyone’s out.”

“But the thing is with this photograph,” Grylls continued, “I looked at it on my iPhone and when I texted it looked fine, sent it to him. And actually, if you do blow it up, you can just see the end of what I didn’t realize was visible. So yes, that’s the danger of small screens on iPhones. Can I say it was an incredibly cold winter’s day a week ago.”

This accidental story then sounds all too familiar after Grylls nude Instagram live stream faux pas earlier today. But the man can’t seem to help but completely strip down when standing before a body of water.

“If there’s a substantial body of water around and nobody’s looking, I’m often quite tempted to strip off and dive in.”

While that’s all in good fun, Grylls should perhaps, really try to double-check the footage before sharing it online.

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