‘Better Call Saul’ S5E6 Ending Explained: Here’s Why Kim Said That

Kim on Better Call Saul


Tonight on Better Call Saul‘s latest episode, Kim Wexler said something to Jimmy (or more accurately, Saul Goodman) that left viewers confused. Here’s a look at why she said what she did at the end of the episode, according to top fan theories.

This article will have major spoilers for Better Call Saul Season 5 Episode 6: Wexler v. Goodman. 

There Was Method to Her Madness

The final scene in Better Call Saul left fans really confused, but Kim didn’t just say what she did out of emotion. There was some calculating pragmatism behind her words, according to top fan theories.

In the last scene, after Saul backed out of the plan he agreed upon with Kim and left her reeling, he and Kim had a big confrontation later at their home. Kim felt betrayed, left to pick up the pieces at Mesa Verde when Jimmy backed out on the settlement they had agreed upon.

But Jimmy said he did it so she would appear genuinely angry and no one would guess that they had worked together. Kim was livid that Jimmy was now playing her and justifying lying to her as a means of “protecting” her. She was fine when they were partners, but she doesn’t like it when she’s one of the people being conned. Jimmy said that by doing what he did, she had plausible deniability.

That’s when Kim, broken-hearted, said that they would have to break up or… And that’s when she said the words that threw everyone for a loop. She said they’d either have to break up or get married.

Does this mean that Kim is too in love with Jimmy to ever let herself be free of him? Although fans do agree that this plays a part in what she said, they also believe that there is cunning behind her words. She said the marriage idea right after Jimmy talked about her having plausible deniability.

It’s likely that Kim proposed the idea of marriage as a means where she could never be compelled to testify against Jimmy. If they’re married, a spouse can’t legally be made to testify against their partner. This would allow Jimmy to be honest with Kim about his plans moving forward. It would be the only way that they could maintain an equal-footing relationship now that he’s Saul Goodman and will likely continue bending the law (or outright breaking it) in the future. Of course, it appears that Kim isn’t exactly against that either, at least not when she feels the ends justify the means. Fans believe that this is likely the only way she can see them staying together and still be able to remain “partners in crime,” so to speak.

On Reddit, fans agree this is the most likely explanation for why she proposed they get married.

But if they aren’t breaking up, that still leaves the question of just what happens to Kim. She’s not on Breaking Bad, so something has to go wrong. If they simply broke up, that would be an easy out for her character. But if they get married, then it looks like something more tragic may be in store down the road.

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