Where Is Carly Davis Now? Update on Tyler & Catelynn’s Daughter

Tyler Catelynn Baltierra

Getty Carly Davis, the oldest daughter of "Teen Mom" stars Tyler and Catelynn, rarely appears on TV.

Teen Mom OG fans won’t be seeing much of Carly Davis, the oldest daughter of reality TV stars Tyler and Catelynn Baltierra. The couple has an open adoption, but with Carly getting older, viewers haven’t seen much of the 10-year-old. Part of the reason is that Carly is busy with extracurricular activities, but also because her adopted parents like to maintain a private life and want their daughter to also have privacy. Any time she has appeared on the show, her face has been blurred out.

It’s not because the Baltierras wouldn’t like to see more of their daughter. As documented on the MTV reality show, they regularly talk about Carly with their middle daughter, Nova, and celebrate her birthday even if she can’t be at their home in Michigan.

Carly lives with her parents, Teresa and Brandon Davis in North Carolina. They normally try to reconnect with Catelynn and Tyler over the summer. The MTV stars have said they Carly and Nova, their middle daughter, have a strong bond and love the time they get to spend together.

Tyler & Catelynn’s Last Visit with Carly Was Really Emotional

The last time Carly appeared on Teen Mom OG was in August 2019. They hadn’t seen her for two years, and Carly had yet to meet their youngest daughter, baby Vaeda. This meeting was a little different. Tyler and Catelynn didn’t travel to North Carolina and they didn’t meet up in a central location. Instead, Teresa and Brandon traveled to Michigan. Tyler and Catelynn’s parents were also permitted to meet Carly. The MTV cameras weren’t allowed to film the meeting, but they started to roll the cameras again once the day was over.

“It’s never going to be easy to say hello… and then say goodbye,” Tyler said. “[But] I think all of us that are involved would trade the couple days of sadness to have the visits, to have that bond. It’s important.”

“When you see all of your biological children together playing and their mannerisms and walking the same…it’s different,” Catelynn added. “I think that’s why it made this time emotional.”

When driving away, Tyler saw that Teresa and Brandon were comforting Carly, who was upset to see her biological family drive away. “They looked like they were comforting her,” the Michigan native said. “I want to comfort her.” He added,  “Every time you see her, she’s a totally different kid. We got some beautiful girls though, don’t we?”

Why It’s Difficult to Arrange Gatherings with Carly

Carly’s growing up and it’s not as easy to plan a trip around her busy schedule, so it’s been hard for Tyler and Catelynn to continue to see her in person. More, her parents live a private life and don’t want her featured on a reality TV show, which is a major part of Catelynn and Tyler’s life.

“Her parents aren’t on a TV show and they like to have a private life, which I completely understand and it just comes from respecting their wishes and what they see for Carly and Carly’s future and her being able to tell her own story when she’s ready,” Catelynn told E! Online.

“”Carly is getting older and she’s about to be 11 and it’s gotten to a point where her parents want to keep her private, which we respect,” the Conquering Chaos author revealed. “But another part of it is that she’s older and she’s going to be explaining to her friends what her adoption story looks like from her view of it. I think it’s important for her to be able to share with people going through it and share her story.”

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